Winter Gardians

Yesterday Chuck and I were off so we went to see Corey
and Christopher's new townhome. Chuck had seen
it before, empty, because he did an inspection for them.
The pictures are backwards..we went to their
place first and then to downtown Winter Garden.
I did not know WG had a downtown area like this.
It sort of reminded me of College Park.

The building Chuck wants to buy, live upstairs and
have an art studio/coffee shop downstairs.

Corey and Chris' livingroom

They surprised us with the fact they have another
cat. I forget his name but the poor thing lived in
a cage for the 1st two years of his life used strictly for
breeding. Corey gave him a lion cut. He's got weird eyes
and rabbit's feet but
he's an extremely sweet cat.
The guest bedroom/cat room.
The backyard.

See his tail? Isn't that so funny?

My son-n-law gives me nice gifts.



One of the advantages (though some would not call it that)
to my job is getting to see the sunrise every morning. There's been a lot of crap, yes crap, going on at work
lately. During the worst of it, I found this on my hood one
morning. I haven't found out yet if it was a joke, a threat, or
some sort of statement. I would like to know...


art festival

Yesterday we went to the Winter Park Art Festival. I meant to get up and go earlier but ended up getting there around 10:30. I never go on Saturday - I hate crowds but it was the only day I could go this year. I was actually surprised when we got there not too bad and the weather was perfect. I am not one who goes to every booth, sorry to the artists. I look 'till I feel full of ideas and then I'm done.
There were a lot of things I liked this year. My favorite photographer was there, Gary Seidel. We actually bought two of his photographs at other shows. We like him because he uses film and does it the old school way. I wanted to buy another this time and wish I had but oh well.
I noticed a lot of affordable art which usually is not the case at this show - I mean affordable to me. I'm bad about counting how many hours I work to pay for something. Maybe that's good maybe that's bad?
The regret of yesterday - I didn't take any pictures. What's up with that? I always take pictures but just didn't feel like it.
Wish I had lots of money so I could go back and buy lots of art and especially one of the birds Tricia collects. Some day maybe!
I may not take pictures but almost always post them. Jesse and Millie and the flowers she brought me.


pretty stuff

One of my friends from work lived in Japan for over 20 years. When they moved back to the states they brought lots of stuff. They had a garage sale today and look at the pretty things I got. This painting's at a weird angle because of reflections. I think it's watercolor. I just really liked this painting.

I got two tea sets. Corey told me to get her one. I think I'm keeping the blue one..

It matches my blue wall..

This set is called "firefly"because it lets light through ... maybe I'll keep it ... I can't decide

10 cups - wow

After going to the garage sale I came home and slept for most of the day. This cold
seems to be moving to a cough and chest cold, poo. I really don't need this right now!!
I really wanted to go see Corey and Chris' new place this weekend.