When we got back from our trip Jesse and
Jason had made some changes outside.  She planted 
some herbs, flowers, and jalapeno peppers out back.
She pressure washed the porch and cleaned 
the outdoor furniture. 

 new flowers out front
 grapevines in the mailbox planter
 a new whiskey barrel with flowers
for our tree
 a rose bush

I forget the name of the tree she planted here.
Thank you Jesse, and Jason, for making
it so nice outside!!!!!!!!


Sort of a random post.
 Love morning glories
especially how I haven't
planted any in a couple of 
years but they keep coming back.

 I like how they glow and have star shapes inside

 Jesse gave me some jalapeno peppers.
They seem to be doing well.
The Minionion
 he watches everything

These mountains on the way to
Flagstaff remind me of Alaska

 everything was burned off this hill

 Deer!  Looking for Elk but never saw any.

 drove through a fire
 Love birch trees


oops on the spelling last post, loses, oh well

Since we got home last Tuesday:

Chuck's been really sick, since Thursday actually.  He actually agreed to go to
a walk in clinic on Sunday-meaning really sick.  The Dr. said he has the worst
kind of flu you can get and that he's extremely contagious.  He's been wearing
a mask.  I've been wearing one in the bedroom and gloves.  I've been sleeping
on the couch until last night.  I couldn't do it again.  I can't move when I get up.
So I slept with a mask.  That is a strange feeling but I felt better this morning.

I had a mammogram Thursday.  No new cancer!  Yay!  Everyone, get your mammograms
when you're supposed to.  I waited not quite 2 years in between and now have
stage 4 that spread to my bones.  I had to have a rod and bolt put in my left leg
because a tumor ate 75% of the top of the leg bone.  Last time I went to the Dr.
she said to let her know when I need more radiation.  I said, "what? how will
I know?"  She said you'll know and they're going to treat things as they come up.
But, she also said God could heal me of all of this!  I like her and I believe that
He can but whether or not- I choose to trust Him.
I will do my part (and try to make better food choices anyway).
So in all that again I say Get Your Mammograms!

It's been weird trying to get back on our time since we got back.  I got used to
the time difference 2 days before we came back and now can't seem to get off
of it.  I went to bed after 1 and got up - too late for me!  I need to start working
on that!

I haven't done any art...aarrgghh!  I brought my sketchbook, watercolor pad on
the trip and only spent 30 minutes the whole trip painting.  We were just so busy
and exhausted when not.  So I have a lot of things to paint, draw, photos to play
with in photoshop, tons.  Just need to get to it.

Actually, no photos this post, wow!

And super happy to hear my friend Greg was supposed to get a stint put in yesterday
for a major blockage and went home with the Dr. saying everything looks good, don't
need it!  That's a praise, whether he believes in God or not!
Things I'm thankful for:  
family that gives us the ability to take
a trip out west for our 30th anniversary!
Thanks Mom, Dad, Patsy, Terry, Donna,
Corey, Jesse and anyone else I'm forgetting.
It is something that I will always remember
and cherish.   Thank you to my babies for
taking care of things while we were gone
and making them nice for our return.  
I will post photos of all the new plants
Jesse and Jason installed for us while we
were gone.  We had a nice clean house
to return to when we arrived home thanks 
to Corey.  Thank you everyone!  We love you all
so much and are so very grateful for you!

These photos are of things we saw along the
road while driving to different places
 Lots of old cars
 I've always wanted to drive on route 66 from beginning
to end.  I was very happy to be able to drive on parts of
it and see the old signs and statues.

 Lots of teepees too
 caves are fascinating
 more route 66 signs

 this old hotel looses alot in the photo, it just doesn't
show how interesting it looked

I'll be posting photos for a while from the trip
since I have soooooooo many!


More Sandia Mountain photos taken
by Chuck.  Can you tell we like rocks
and the desert vegetation.  Chuck said
we need to move out west because we
both felt better physically.  He thinks it's
a much healthier environment.

 These were taken at the base of the mountain.

 Terry and Donna walk their dogs Phoenix and Sidney 
in the evenings.  They came back one evening and said 
a coyote had gone after Phoenix leaving saliva on her hind
quarters.  Sidney apparently got a good whiff of the coyote
and went after it the next time they walked.  Go Sidney!
Terry said they were trying to get photos of the eclipse
the other night.  He lucked out and got this shot of a
coyote right before it ran off.  Kind of scary that they get
that close and don't seem to have too much fear.


Sandia Mountain

When we went to my brother's we visited Sandia Mountain
It has the world's longest tram.

 It was really cold at the top.  On the other side of the mountain
is the ski slope.  People were walking up and down that area.  
Not something I could do and even looked exhausting.

 We ate lunch at the top.  Really good burgers!
 It was a nice relaxing day and very pretty.