More Sandia Mountain photos taken
by Chuck.  Can you tell we like rocks
and the desert vegetation.  Chuck said
we need to move out west because we
both felt better physically.  He thinks it's
a much healthier environment.

 These were taken at the base of the mountain.

 Terry and Donna walk their dogs Phoenix and Sidney 
in the evenings.  They came back one evening and said 
a coyote had gone after Phoenix leaving saliva on her hind
quarters.  Sidney apparently got a good whiff of the coyote
and went after it the next time they walked.  Go Sidney!
Terry said they were trying to get photos of the eclipse
the other night.  He lucked out and got this shot of a
coyote right before it ran off.  Kind of scary that they get
that close and don't seem to have too much fear.


susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I am scared of coyotes around here. We have had several dogs just "disappear" and I have always blamed the coyotes. The dogs weren't little ones either. Enjoy your trip!

Vickie said...

We actually got back Monday the 14th. I never had time to post on the trip but it was a very nice 30th anniversary!