Things I'm thankful for:  
family that gives us the ability to take
a trip out west for our 30th anniversary!
Thanks Mom, Dad, Patsy, Terry, Donna,
Corey, Jesse and anyone else I'm forgetting.
It is something that I will always remember
and cherish.   Thank you to my babies for
taking care of things while we were gone
and making them nice for our return.  
I will post photos of all the new plants
Jesse and Jason installed for us while we
were gone.  We had a nice clean house
to return to when we arrived home thanks 
to Corey.  Thank you everyone!  We love you all
so much and are so very grateful for you!

These photos are of things we saw along the
road while driving to different places
 Lots of old cars
 I've always wanted to drive on route 66 from beginning
to end.  I was very happy to be able to drive on parts of
it and see the old signs and statues.

 Lots of teepees too
 caves are fascinating
 more route 66 signs

 this old hotel looses alot in the photo, it just doesn't
show how interesting it looked

I'll be posting photos for a while from the trip
since I have soooooooo many!

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