cemetery photo trip with Tracy the other day

Hope and Life in the middle of it all

Jesse's been giving me plants
 tomato, lettuce bowl
 azalea poinsettia mix
 a tree for Chuck's birthday
 my first ready tomato

more cemetery photos 

I have no idea where this came from but
I did it anyway.

I wanted chocolate cake yesterday and found
this recipe from the pioneer woman. It's called
the best chocolate sheet cake ever
and it is yummy dark chocolate delicious.

The dog park

Corey took me and the Minion to the dog park
the other day
he got bored along the way
Huge tree
she almost dropped him
doing the obstacle course on his own,
Corey showed him once
His favorite place to be


Last Tuesday

Corey took me to my friend Tricia's
to see her before she moved Saturday (so sad).
She showed me the birds her and Megan got
at a craft show. Really pretty. I want to make one.

Megan, Oliver and Corey.