Regular Monday and a little bit of Sunday

Sunday Chuck made us peach dessert and lunch, nice.

Corey brought her horse over today while she helped Jesse move. Yes, Jesse already moved out and wasn't even home 2 weeks.

Elsie was really hungry and had to get the last bite.

I don't like when this happens

I've been awake since 4. Chuck goes back to work today. Jesse is moving out today. See any reason why I can't sleep?


More St. Augustine pictures

Friday morning, while in St. Augustine, Jesse calls and asks, "so what are you doing?" My response, "we're at the cemetary it's really cool and we're taking lots of pictures!" Jesse, "You are really strange." Wouldn't it normally be the kid who thinks the old cemetary is really interesting instead of the mom?

Pictures from our boatride you'll notice the flag picture like Chuck's only in color. I like them equally the same.

La Leche shrine and chapel on the grounds

The Lighthouse and residence

The other day before we left for St. Augustine we stopped at Sams. We saw this blimp so I thought I'd take pictures. We thought it was a regular blimp until we saw it take a nosedive and land. We drove over so we could see how big it actually was. Surprise!


St Augustine

Chuck sort of surprised me with a trip to St. Augustine. We usually go there at least once a year around our anniversary or Christmas. We love the history. We did different things this time, visited the lighthouse, went to the La Leche shrine, and a cruise just before dark. We decided to do photo competition between each other. He used my old camera set on black and white. He prefers film to digital and black and white to color but he's had problems finding black and white film. So he conceded and used my old digital. I think he has talent! I'll post some more pictures later.


In the evening we walk these are some of the views. I love the sky.


what a deal

Look at what I got out of the trash. I'm going to sand and paint and make it pretty.
little table for the porch

solid oak chairs for whatever I want

china cabinet for a bedroom armoire, or storage for art supplies, or something fun for the back porch, oooohh

and the perfect little doggy


Wish I'd taken pictures. We went past the first place we lived yesterday, downtown Orlando. We lived in a garage apartment off the two little lakes that are on Orange Ave. It was very old and quiet and had lots of ambience. We then went to what used to be called Mom's meats, Pop's produce. Now it's called ---something farms, can't remember. We used to do all our grocery shopping there. They actually have organic produce but their prices seemed a little high on some items. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Next time I'll take pictures.
Oh, looks like Jesse's coming home.


The week in review;

Yesterday, after doing some (not all) of the yard work, we visited Patsy in Leesburg and went to the yummy BBQ place there. They have the best baby back ribs and lima beans. Here's one of her pretty orchids.

Sunday, Jesse called us in the morning to wish her dad a happy father's day and tell us she may be home soon if she doesn't get well.
We went to Mom and Dad's for father's day lunch. We had a nice time visiting.
We played cards (hearts) and Dad and I tied for the win.

Saturday we went to Corey and Chris' new apartment. Corey happily meeting us at the door.

Corey's piano in it's new home

dining room

Corey cooking in the kitchen

dogs wanting in

pretty ikea bookshelf in the music/art room

Christopher putting furniture together in the Living room. Rueben/Roofus/HERCULES (they get mad at me for not calling him by his name but hercules fits him better, actually Hercules Roofus, but I digress) had already chewed on the corners of the coffee table B4 they even got it put together.

Last Thursday; spent the day with Tricia. She loved all the vintage jewelry Chuck's mom gave me and enjoyed playing dress up with it. She taught me how to make bracelets and necklaces. We also went to a couple of thrift stores in Oviedo that I'd always wanted to visit.


phone call from Jesse

Last night I was helping Corey and Christopher move. Corey and I went to get pizza.
My phone rings and I hear Jesse on the other end and say, "JESSE?" Corey takes the phone away from me and says to her, "you can talk for 15 minutes? Mommy I get 7 and a helf." and she keeps the phone.
When I did get to talk to her this is what she had to say.
She's been sick and Friday she collapsed. They took her by ambulance to the "ward".
She's still there. She sounds like she has the flu, said she had a sinus infection and she said something else but I didn't understand. I asked if she was on IV's. She said no, just lots of meds, and they are making her drink and eat a lot. This will most likely change her graduation date, since they haven't cleared her to leave the "ward" and it's close to a week out. I asked what she does all day, do they make her sleep? She said it's just like being in the hospital. It was really good to hear from her but I wish it'd been under different circumstances.


Celebration Day!

To celebrate my being off for two months. starting yesterday, Corey and I went and got our feet done, went to Park Avenue and got Crocs, and had lunch at Panera. We came home and she shaved Rennie, she needs to practice she's going to grooming school soon. She moves tomorrow to a two bedroom apt. which is good since they got a great dane, unbelievable. She's also going back to Rollins in the fall.

I got a letter from Jesse too. She's been sick running a fever of 102.5 and yet passed her swim test. She also joined the band, something I read about in the brochures for the Coast Guard. I had hoped that she would do that but didn't dare say it. She's always been talented with the flute and I hoped someday she would play again. She said she would be playing at her own graduation. Something I'm looking forward to seeing!!


Kevin's work

This is a claymation "mini" my nephew Kevin made. He makes all sets, lizards, outfits, and then films it. He's extremely talented.


This week

We got a form letter from the Coast Guard with Jesse's possible graduation date and her address. Then Friday we actually got a short note from her. I had not anticipated hearing from her for 5 weeks. She sounded hurried but not discouraged as the form letter said she might be. I don't think this will be quite as hard for her since she's already been away from home and managed to survive on her own.
Chuck is getting better and walking a little further every day. The Dr. said he'll probably be driving and back to work in 3 weeks.
Corey took the dogs to Petsmart for some pampering, purple toes for Elsie and raspberry scent for Rennie. She wore them out. But don't they look all pretty and shiny.