Mt. Dora art and craft fair

We got up super early to try to go to the Mt. Dora festival.  
It's my favorite - but the most ridiculously crowded art/craft show
of the year.  The last time we tried to go, a couple of years ago, we
just turned around and came back home.  There wasn't anywhere to
park and it was more crowded than Disney on their worst day.  Not
my idea of fun.  Today we got there a few minutes after they opened
and it wasn't too bad plus the weather was the nicest it's been in a very
long time.  We also saw things we hadn't seen at other shows.  
I always like new ideas!  And did I say how much I like Mt. Dora?
It's one of my favorite places in Florida. It seems more like North Carolina
than Florida.  There are actually hills, and old trains, and architecture - 
 an older style that I like, buildings and homes.

 I can't believe this purple building is ok with 
the zoning or building department of Mt. Dora.
It's so very PURPLE.

 I like the entrance to this house.

 and the front porch of this style


These guys were in our front yard.