Mother's Day flowers from Jesse.

Thursday night, Chuck asked if I would like to go
to the beach for our anniversary, Friday night.
Yes!  This is where we ate dinner; JB's fish camp,
very delicious!  We were sitting on the water.  
Very nice place to go in the evening and eat outside.  

Someone pulled their boat up to the dock at the restaurant.

Waiting for our food.

The view from our room.


Chuck got to fly his new kite.

 Everyone that saw it liked it and made comments, or
waved, or smiled.  It's nice to make people smile.

There were so many of these little clams.  It felt weird to stand
on them while they dug into the sand.

When I saw these two on the beach I immediately thought of Megan and Oliver
Especially when he put the hat on, wow!

Nice anniversary trip!  Thanks Chuck!


Happy Anniversary Baby

This was taken on our wedding day May 15, 1982.
It wasn't fancy but it was real and lasting and the
best decision I ever made.  

Such a hottie but sweet and honest.
I knew when I married you I could
always depend on you and always trust you.

And I knew you would love your babies and be a good Dad.

And there's that look I never could resist.

You love your babies.

Family trip to St Augustine


These aren't in order because I was pregnant with Corey
in this photo.  I used to sew - I made 
the shirt Chuck's wearing. 
I can't believe it's been 33 years.  Thank you for
being such a good husband and father.  I love you!!!!

Jesse's Graduation May 10, 2015

          Jesse came home for a week to visit and to go to her graduation.  We are so proud of her.

Thank you James for taking these beautiful photos
of Jesse.
Thank you Jesse for letting your Dad take this one.

And in finishing things...I finally finished 
this painting for Jill.  I couldn't put it online
until I gave it to her which I got to do in 
person on Tuesday.  It was really good to 
get to see her too.  It's been too long!

Playing with watercolors.
Cardinal in the rain.
He was all fluffed up from being wet.

What the squirrels will do to get to
the bird feeder!


I'm reading a book, Before Amen, by Max Lucado
and I just had to share this:

On July 28, 2008, this square-jawed cowboy was preparing for his fourth ride at Graham Texas calf roping when he fell off his horse.  He was dead before he hit the ground. Cardiac arrest. A friend ran to his side, put his hand under Freddy's head, and began to pray. A veteran firefighter administered CPR and prayed as he pressed Freddy's chest.  The friend asked everyone to pray, and the firefighter said he could hear people praying all around him. Soon the arena was a sanctuary of sorts, and Freddie was on the altar. He didn't respond.  Forty-five minutes after he collapsed an ambulance raced them to the nearest hospital. In route his heart began to rally.
Freddie as it turns out, saw the prayers of the people.  "I was with the Lord," he remembers.  He describes a feeling of love - more love than anyone could imagine.  He remembers a feeling of perfect peace, the kind of piece a child feels being held and rocked by his mother.  Freddy remembers seeing the prayers.  "God allowed me to see the prayers that came up for me.  It started with one bolt of light and then there and then there were two bolts of light and three.  Then there was 10.  And then there was like hundreds, and then there were thousands of bolts of light.  Each one of those bolts of light was a prayer that someone had sent up for me.  And when there got to be so many bolts of light it exploded into the brightest light..... That's when God sent me back."
     The apostle John remembered something similar. In his vision of heaven John saw the prayers of the Saints ascending with incense into the presence of God. Then an angel took the sensor, "filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth and there were noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake."
Behold the power of prayer.  You ask God for help, and Bam! Fire falls to the earth. You lift your concerns to heaven, and turbulence happens!  Noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake.
Jesus interceded for his enemies while hanging on the cross.
"Father forgive them; they don't know what they're doing"  Luke 23:34   Jesus, even Jesus, left his enemies in God's hands.
Shouldn't we do the same you're never more like Jesus then when you pray for others.  Pray for those you love; pray for those you don't.  Pray for this hurting world.


The Walking Dead; Woodbury; Alexandria

When Chuck told me he wanted to take a vacation to
Tennessee I thought it would be fun to stop where they're
filming "The Walking Dead" tv series.  They film in 
Senoia GA, which is on the way to TN.  So we made this
our first stop on our vacation.  

 I should have done more research to see what angles
they shot scenes from.  This is Woodbury where the
governor lived.  They actually used the town of Senoia
as Woodbury.  I should have shot this from the other end of
the street from some of the scenes I saw online.
 Part of Woodbury

This is "The Walking Dead" store where they
sell souvenirs from the show.  I saw the same
posters at Michaels for 1/2 the price.

You can see the coffee cup sign.  That's "The Walking Dead"
cafe.  It's basically a Starbucks.  You go downstairs
to visit the cafe and other shops. They also have an area set up
like the prison in the show and a motorcycle that
belonged to Daryl.  Actors from the show had autographed
the walls in the prison set.
What was interesting in the cafe was the chalkboard
that listed the casts favorite coffee or other drinks and
they signed their names on this also.

Daryl was visiting the store.
 I took a photo of his autograph for Corey.

 Senoia is a pretty little town.
 They used the town of Senoia for Woodbury.  They 
built the church they found the wimpy pastor at and
the entire town of Alexandria and really put a wall up
around it.  We were walking down the street looking at
the set when Chuck stepped on the curb.  A security guard immediately
said, "Sir, step off the curb, step back!"  He took his 
job really serious.  Scared us both.
They weren't filming at the time.
We found out filming was going to start 2 weeks
later but there was a ton of work going on
getting ready for the upcoming season.  

We met other fans of the show.  One woman could tell
us where different scenes were filmed.  Like the 3rd house
in was where Michone had a dream sequence.  I really
didn't remember it.  She also told us where the house was
that Carl sat on the roof eating the giant can of pudding.
The house where Carl sat on the roof eating pudding.
It's an actual house in the town not part of the set.

They made the church where they found the wimpy pastor 
look like it's in the middle of nowhere in the tv show but it's 
right next to the set of Alexandria they built.  Amazing what 
they can do with CG.

 Some of the railroad scenes were shot somewhere 
around here.

This looked like one of the many roads you see them walking or
driving on in the show.
It was fun visiting where they film the show.
We met some interesting people and some self
proclaimed stalkers.  I wonder how the actors and 
actresses feel about that?