Mother's Day flowers from Jesse.

Thursday night, Chuck asked if I would like to go
to the beach for our anniversary, Friday night.
Yes!  This is where we ate dinner; JB's fish camp,
very delicious!  We were sitting on the water.  
Very nice place to go in the evening and eat outside.  

Someone pulled their boat up to the dock at the restaurant.

Waiting for our food.

The view from our room.


Chuck got to fly his new kite.

 Everyone that saw it liked it and made comments, or
waved, or smiled.  It's nice to make people smile.

There were so many of these little clams.  It felt weird to stand
on them while they dug into the sand.

When I saw these two on the beach I immediately thought of Megan and Oliver
Especially when he put the hat on, wow!

Nice anniversary trip!  Thanks Chuck!

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