I'm soooo tired...these kids are wearing me out...when a 2nd grader tells you you aren't going to get any respect because you're white it's not good.


Looks like I might start working part time at Disney. I'll know for sure next weekend.


Decent day

This morning was the first in a few days I didn't have to give a note to the bus ramp attendant complaining (or making them aware, so the assistant principal could call them in and chew them out) about the kids behavior. This afternoon my manager told me one of the kids moms wanted me to call her. I was really dreading it, thinking she was going to chew me out 'cause I can't control all the kids and drive.
But, thank God, she was at her son's stop and asked me how he was behaving and handed me a paper with her name and phone and said if he ever gave me any problems to call her. I thanked her and told her I wished all the parents were as concerned as she is.



Posting everyday is harder than I thought. blah..blah..blah covers work, pain in the patootie.
1st picture. A couple of years ago I had a dream. This picture, before I'd ever seen the desert was part of the dream. It was exactly like this, only my feet not Chuck's.

Chuck took this one, also in the desert, which strangely enough we decided is one of the big things we miss about the truck. Before we'd ever gone to the desert I never would have thought we would have actually liked it. But there's something about it -just can't explain.
The road without screaming yelling kids, kind of miss it.


It's Monday. I already feel like I've worked a week. I may have to go to the Dr., always being tired is getting to me. Corey and I had a nice visit w/mom, dad, stu, and trish yesterday. Ate good food, played cards (almost won), saw the pretty color they're painting their LR, DR. Nice day.

The lake at Mom and Dad's.



19 years is a long time to have a cat. She was the best cat ever. She let the kids do anything to her and never complained. When we went to the Humane Society to get her she was the only one that didn't try to bite them and let them hold her no matter how awkward. I knew something wasn't right when I didn't hear her meowing this morning. She looked like she was just sleeping. I never thought I'd get so upset. Bye Cat we will miss you.


oh I forgot - art for today in response to something I'm reading - everything looks better framed, even tho it's not finished

look what I did to it in photoshop
This has been a terrible week driving the kids. Not the high school or middle school but the elementary. Everyday has been a fight to get them to sit down, not yell, and just be safe so I can drive safe. Yesterday, I told one of them to give me a ball that the school administrator had told them to put in their backpack. He told them not to take it out on the bus. They took it out as soon as we got on the road and were tossing it. I told them to put it away but nooo... so I stopped the bus and told them to give it to me...it was thrown and hit me in the back of the head. Five referrals were given out today after talking to my boss and the school assistant principal. One was suspended from the bus the others took home their fun papers. On the way home, they were talking, loudly, about how what I said on the referrals wasn't true and how they disliked me. At one stop, where only one boy gets off, as he was getting off he handed me what you see below. I'll write what it says in case you can't read it. Needless to say he made my day.

Dear busdriver
thankyou for driving me home for two weeks you are a good bus driver sincerly Deion.

I like the picture he drew of me.


I missed Wed. bummer. Too busy. We got our taxes finished though and we don't owe, yeah!!!!!!!!!! I thought we would but no. On the other hand we did get our truck school bill, booooo.
Random picture.


Now that I'm home I think I might try to keep up with Tricia's idea of blogging everyday. I think it will mean short updates.
I started driving a bus again March 28th. I was a sub driver. Today I accepted a route that I have been driving. I don't know if I am happy about this because there are some really wild kids from the elementary school, the reason I have been on a camera bus. They need consistancy though. They need to know what the rules are to be able to follow them. If their driver keeps changing and there is no consistancy with what is expected of them, how will they know how they are supposed to behave?
Pray for me because they exhaust me and I want to be safe on the road.
I am also going to try to start sketching daily and post it once or twice a week - kind of a way of being accountable.



Easter at Chuck's mom's.


A trip to the Maitland Art Center for inspiration. Corey took all these pictures.