Yesterday was a fun day. When I was getting ready to leave to go back to work in the afternoon I opened the garage door and there was a car parked behind me.
Jesse's friend Eric was over and they decided to go somewhere so he parked in the driveway. I guess they thought I had left. I called and they were too far away for me to get to work in time - good thing Chuck only works a mile away from the house.
He came and I took him back to work and went to work from there. On the way I got stuck in traffic, which never happens on the road I take to work. I get to work right on time but then my bus won't unlock. To get it to unlock you have to kind of kick it or throw your body weight against it to get it to catch so the latch will pop up.....Anyway, now I'm late by about 2 minutes which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been called into my manager's office the prior week for being late - which I wasn't, but we have to radio in and sometimes you just can't get thru....
So by this time I'm getting frustrated and throw my hip against the door and well I break the glass in the door and it unlocks. I jump on the bus they're calling me on the radio, 'cause I'm late, I told them I couldn't get the door unlocked and I broke the glass so they tell me I have to bring the bus in and get a sub. It takes at least 20 minutes to get to the compound which will make me late to pick up my high school but they said I had to go. When I get to the compound I have to fill out 2 pages of paperwork before they even let me have another bus which I then have to do a pre-trip on. Somewhere in the middle of this I say, "God you know me getting all upset and worried - well, what does it matter, what difference does it make? It won't change anything, so live in the moment, make it the best possible, and don't be upset." As I was leaving someone radioed me and asked my ETA to my high school and said they'd let my kids know. I get to the school and the kids are at the ramp in the sun all nice and hot and sweaty. I can't even get on the ramp because of cars so I have to load them on the street and they're all complaining, "where were you? We had to stand out in the sun and we've been looking all over for you and we're all hot and sweaty". Because I'm in the street I get to leave with the 1st row of buses making me earlier dropping the kids off and earlier to my next school. Everything worked out. God is in control. I do wonder if I'm going to get called into the manager's office though, since I had two broken windows in two days.


Today some kid broke a window on my bus. I don't know if it was a kid from mine
or from another. It wasn't broken out - just like this big spider web. It meant I didn't get off early but had to take it in, write up a report and get a sub bus and drive back to where I park. So, I got off an hour and a half later than normal, bummer. I do have some really great kids though and I don't think one of mine did it.

I've been reading a blog
she talks about making a life (or was it a goals) map. I've decided I'm going to do that. I need to do something to stay inspired to create and not let being tired keep me from it.

I am so looking forward to my 10 days off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Corey on her way to work. She got a pretty new skirt.

this is the sky every morning when I get to work


By buy motorcycle...
Well we sold the motorcycle last night. It made me sad.
Chuck too.



Let's chalk that last blog entry, deleted, up to major
PMS and feeling really tired from work. Yeah, that's it...
Anyway, today was a good day at work. I think I may start
to get used to it and actually be able to have a life outside
of work.

Did I mention that I love my husband very much and spending time
with him!!! Riding around in his car is fun too!

I got to spend Sunday with my family playing cards, going to
the BX, and catching up on stuff (Stu and Trish). I need to
spend more time with them - but back in the real world - I'm
happy when I do get time!

I have ideas for paintings starting to actually be tangible.
I have a painting;collage started. I always have difficulty
moving it from my brain to the canvas,

Gotta go fo a walk...

p.s. great walk. love walking in the rain. point the flashlight up and
it looks like its snowing.