The abominable snowman

Jesse shows up at the house this morning with this. This... that I have
to take care of while she recooperates from her wisdom teeth being surgically removed.
I asked what her name is and Jesse says she doesn't have one so I named her
Yeti and told Jesse to take her back where she got her from!!!
Oh and Jesse is recooperating, sleeping soundly right now.



I think a high school kid was doing coke on my bus this afternoon and I don't mean the liquid version.


Cooler weather

The cooler weather makes me bake yummy bread, decorate with pumpkins, miss seeing
the fall colors, and makes me reminisce about driving the truck. I miss seeing all the fall colors, driving - being on the road(believe it or not), and always for some strange reason the desert. Pennsylvania colors.
I believe this was New York state.

Las Cruces New Mexico


take home art..

A peice of art I did for the art night at church. This is actually not finished I forgot to take a picture of it completed. It has glass in the shape of a drop of water around the cross. The theme was "Living sent in your sphere of influence. Be the drop from which God's water(love) flows."
Each of the circles is a little world magnet that I had people take with them to remind them to live the theme of the missions conference. Live sent in your world.

On another note, I love this weather!!!!!!


Why do kids lie?

I can watch a kid do something on the bus and get after them and they will look me right in the eyes and say they didn't do it. Frustrating...aarrgghh!!!!


costumes and hair

Yocinda's halloween costume(s).
crazed, lunatic ladybug
Just in case you can't read it, "This is my halloween costume."
Jesse's new haircut
So cute!!


cute and sad

Thursday morning on the bus:
Lisbeth...kindergartener gets on the bus. Little tiny sister starts crying because she didn't get to give her a kiss bye. Lots of kids are getting on the bus and you can't move backwards thru the bunch. So when all kids are on Dad brings tiny sister to the bus door and starts yelling, "Lisbeth, Lisbeth." So I told her to go give her sister a kiss bye - just too cute.
But at my next stop another tiny Chris gets on the bus crying. I ask him what's wrong and he tells me Jess took his $5. I told him to sit down and call Jess to the front and ask him if it's true. He says his parents gave it to them to split at lunch. {I did not know they were brothers because they don't have the same last name.) Knowing 5th grade and 1st don't go at the same time for lunch I ask how will he pay for his brother. He says he will give it to the lunch lady and tell her it's for both of them, hmmm I do not like being lied to. So I tell him to go tell Chris this. I watch and he gives Chris the $5 and goes back to his seat. Not a nice thing for him to do so when he gets off the bus I tell him if he takes his brother's money again I will call his Mom. Look of fear....


I swear he really is a dog. He just has a sort of cat personality. Or
maybe it's a little kid personality.


just gettin by

Haven't been on-line much lately. Didn't miss it. Been trying to get used to my work schedule again and learn about 260 kids names. I almost have all 77 of my elementary school names down, almost. When they are behind you and you are looking at them in the mirror - while driving - it seems to make it a little more difficult.
I'm very thankful that the latest hurricane decided to skirt the coast and not visit us. I hope the one behind it will do the same. Can't take much more water here. Too many roads closed, too much flooding. Don't want to have to make up days at work either!
I want to open an account with Etsy but just can't seem to come up with a name. I've started to a couple of times and when I get to that part I just go blank and stop. Any suggestions? Chuck came up with Vivacious Vickie's - I can't remember the rest and I didn't like it anyway.
Keep my friend Tina and her family in your prayers. Her husband had surgery Tues. and is having a lot of pain and a fever. Hopefully he will improve and be able to go home Friday or Saturday.