Day at Animal Kingdom

Dino land

sunset in florida, pretty

Sorry, these are kind of out of order.. Dad really liked his hat. You can see their new kitten that they found in their yard. She's a cutie.

The safari ride through the wildlife area was really neat. The trucks are real trucks not on tracks. And no fences at least none you could see.

so giraffe

Somewhere in Asia

I haven't ridden a roller coaster in forever. I rode this and it was great fun!!!!!!!!


Thinking about time...

Tomorrow I turn 49. Time goes by sooooo fast. One daughter's married in California the other's getting married in November. We'll be empty nesters. It will be strange.
Friday I finished all my testing, for a while, and now am official. I will be working night shifts 'till 3 and 4 in the morning and trying to sleep days. It should be interesting. I did it in the truck. I should be able to do it here at least I'll get to go home in the morning.
Haven't had much time for pictures which is sad because I've seen some awesome sunsets. I had to stop at work last night to let the deer cross the road, gorgeous.
Looking forward to time off, though short it may be.
Chuck baked me a cake today. He did a fantastic job. It looked professional. Wish I'd thought to take a picture before cutting into it.
He took me to see "Transformers" and yes that is what I wanted to see. Like the science fiction, special effects movies. Liked it - except saying life was created by some sort of cube, weird. The cars were fantastic. Want a truck like that and saving my money for a new camaro!!
Seriously, not really, very happy with what I have and I got my windows tinted, yeah! Here in Florida a must have.
I'm bouncing all over the place tonight. I guess 'cause I'm not used to being up this late and trying to get used to it.
Anyway, playing with my camera examples...


Catching up thru pictures

When Jesse was home she stayed at a condo on the beach, pretty view

Father's Day. Mom and Dad.

Jesse being Jesse

Corey and Jesse being goofy.

Jesse, Dad and Corey

Stuart, Me, Trish, and Dad

Jesse, Corey and Chuck on Father's Day

Goofy family picture, actually normal family picture

Jesse getting to see Corey's wedding dress and shoes

Coffee shop moment at home complete with computers for everyone

We had a lot of fun with Jesse home. She's back in California now being a California girl. I miss her.
Work's been long lately because of training and getting ready for the test I took yesterday but I passed and passed well. My trainer told me or has been trying to talk me into being a trainer. I don't know. I think I want a life outside of work but I don't have to make any decisions soon. You have to work 6 months 1st. I have to say - so far - it's the most enjoyable job I've had. We shall see.
I need to take pictures at work and post them. In time.