working on something while I recuperate from bad pizza that tasted really good. Maybe I don't get along with milk and wheat, beginning to wonder.


Art show at Lake Eola

Glad we went. I got some ideas. Heard some good music. Fun day. Very cryptic writing. And Chuck was the photographer today.



Chuck and I spent Saturday seeing a movie he wanted to see, going to lunch and then to Borders. That was our Valentine's Day which I enjoyed very much. Sunday is his sports day, the Daytona 500, and my chance to visit mom and dad.
Jesse came over Friday bringing me these cute roses and my favorite Starbucks coffee, very sweet of her.
Poor Corey's been very sick but we get to see her tonight yay!



What do shoes say? We went out to eat and had to wait and while waiting I like to "observe". First a family was sitting beside us, two little girls with little black flats. One kept taking hers off and wiggling her toes. She was comfortable with who she was with and happy to be there reading her book. Her sister talking constantly to her mom about this or that school thing. Good family interaction.
They were called another family sat down. Mom with nails over 200$ a month to maintain and shoes probably around the same price. She was too busy on her I phone doing who knows what to bother with her kids. Her little girl also dressed very expensively, so cute and hyper, not wanting to stay still but wanting attention.
A very, ummm, up to date but out of touch with each other.
And me, with my boots I've wanted since the 70's quietly watching. Hmmm.. I just like to look at shoes and people watch.


we were supposed to go to the Mt. Dora art festival but

I got sick overnight. You know the icky kind, tummy troubles. So I slept till 11. Something I just don't do. By the afternoon we were going a little nuts and needed to get out if only for a short time. We decided to take the dogs downtown to the trail and walk a little. It was a gorgeous day but I just couldn't go far but what we did was nice.
The dogs certainly seemed to enjoy it. Elsie found a hole in a tree and apparantly some sort of animal lived in it. She really wanted to get whatever it was but she could only fit so far into the hole.
Even though it was short the dogs seemed worn out from it.