Christmas pictures; Elsie loves her pillow

poor Corey sick on Christmas...

mom and dad

Eric and Jesse (she won't let me get a good picture)


Christmas Eve lunch with friends and family and I'm so happy Tricia (and her family)came over and we got to see the new grandbaby "Addison".


Some places we've been...out west..Arizona, New Mexico, Tenn., Pa., southwest, southeast...coming home this week, can't wait.


The next day....our brake shoes were frozen to the drums. We had to wait till the sun hit them and Chuck banged on them with a hammer. Our lack of experience in this weather being Floridians and all. You don't leave your trailer brakes on in that weather. We had a couple of truckers making fun of us as they passed. Oh well, one we'll never forget. It sure was pretty. The road was very small and sometimes hard to see and very icy but it sure was pretty.
Oh!!! and congratulations grandma Tricia!!!!!