Beach day

 Chuck wanted to fly a kite and got this
funny looking Yoda.  It didn't fly very well.
We ended up giving it to two ladies with a bunch
of little children.   They loved it.

 Playing with the creative filters on the new camera.
this is normal
 toy camera


toy camera


We stayed longer than usual.  It was so nice and the water
was very calm.  I kept floating on my back looking up at the
sky and thinking what a blessing it was.  I've never stayed 
in the water so long.  

On the way home we saw this cute miniature horse

he was really small.  Can't really tell with nothing 
to compare him with.  Actually the fence probably came
up to my shoulders, maybe?  


June 17, 2014
Streams in the Desert
Then there came a voice from above the expanse
over their heads as they stood with lowered wings.
Ezekiel 1:25

Be still!  Just now be still!
Something your soul has never heard,
Something unknown to any song of bird,
Something unknown to any wind, or wave, or star,
A message from the Father’s land afar,
That with sweet joy the homesick soul will thrill,
And comes to you only when you are still.

Be still!  Just now be still!
There comes a presence very mild and sweet;
White are the sandals of His noiseless feet.
It is the comforter whom Jesus sent
To teach you what the words he uttered meant.
The willing, waiting spirit, He does fill,
If you would hear His message,
Dear soul, be still!
 Playing with my camera
 really liking my 18-200mm lens

Storm clouds rolling in


Father's Day

This is the first Father's Day since
Dad died.  It's a very different day.
I really miss you Dad.

You were a very strong man's man.
A very great Dad.
Growing up all my friends thought
I had the best looking Dad
and prettiest Mom.
You took me golfing, fishing, camping,
you taught me how to throw like a boy, 
you were a lot of fun growing up.
You were a good example for us.
You hated lying.  You believed
a person should always do what
they said they would, keep their word, it was very important.
You loved God more as you got older and that was a blessing
for us to see.

 You didn't believe in debt and handled money
very responsibly and you made sure
Mom didn't (doesn't) have to worry
about things.  You were very organized.

You were the best Dad ever and I really miss you
and Love you.



Yesterday, during a storm, the UPS delivered
what I thought was a set of sheets I ordered.
I didn't look at the shipping labels.  I just started opening it.
Well, was I ever shocked!  It was an early birthday
present from my brother.  I just started crying and Corey
said, "Stop crying or I'll tell them you hate it!" 

So I've been reading and playing and learning.

It has creative filters, fisheye

Corey called me last night and said, "Come outside."
This was on the garage door.  We wanted to put our 
hand beside it so you could see how big it was (as big - or
larger than our hands) but we were afraid it would 
jump on us.  And it had a really gross bubble under it's
eye.  What is that??

 I've been taking pictures of everything.

Corey painted this yesterday.

I started this a couple of days ago.

I tried the miniaturize creative filter on this.
I think it needs to be a cityscape or something
 I did this a couple of days ago too.
I've been playing with my watercolors.
 Now that I have a camera that does really good video
maybe I'll do some watercolor step by step

The camera also came with:

Thank you Terry and Donna.  This means
so much and I will certainly enjoy using it!!