June 17, 2014
Streams in the Desert
Then there came a voice from above the expanse
over their heads as they stood with lowered wings.
Ezekiel 1:25

Be still!  Just now be still!
Something your soul has never heard,
Something unknown to any song of bird,
Something unknown to any wind, or wave, or star,
A message from the Father’s land afar,
That with sweet joy the homesick soul will thrill,
And comes to you only when you are still.

Be still!  Just now be still!
There comes a presence very mild and sweet;
White are the sandals of His noiseless feet.
It is the comforter whom Jesus sent
To teach you what the words he uttered meant.
The willing, waiting spirit, He does fill,
If you would hear His message,
Dear soul, be still!
 Playing with my camera
 really liking my 18-200mm lens

Storm clouds rolling in

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