October 22, Rollins trip

Tuesday, Mom, Stuart, Corey and I
were going to go to the Cornell Museum
on the Rollins College Campus.
 Corey had been in class - was hungry - and asked if
we could go eat first.  While eating I asked what the
museum hours were.  We looked it up on our phone and found
out it closed at 4.  It was 4:01.  I guess we should have
checked that when we decided to go.  
 Mom and Stuart had never been to the chapel, which is
very pretty, so it was a nice visit anyway.




After visiting the Rollins campus we went to Park Avenue.
  The weather was so nice that day, cool and fall like.
We stopped in Pottery Barn one of my favorite places for
holiday decorating ideas.
I didn't think they would have any Christmas things out yet
but I was wrong.  A Christmas table setting.  Really pretty.  
I like the birds.

We're having Thanksgiving at our house this year and
I want to make it pretty like these table settings.

 We called this area Corey's section with all
the skulls and raven's.  Since Chuck's family is
related to Edgar Allen Poe-she has a fascination
with all things Poe like.  

It was a fun day!  
Look how pretty my Mamma looks!


A special visit

After going to Disney with Mom and Trish I stayed
overnight with them since we got back late.
The next morning, sitting on the porch, I saw a bird
at the bird bath and decided to take pictures thinking he 
was a cardinal.  It wasn't until I reviewed the photos
that I realized he had a blue head, green back, red chest
and red ring around his eye.  I looked him up in Mom's 
bird book and he is a painted bunting.   I may have to
do a painting of him.


Trip to Disney with Mom and Trish

Disney day with Mom and Trish, thanks to Brian and Julianna
who left an after 4 pass for me to use.  It was decorated for fall
and halloween.  The weather was cool enough I had to wear
a sweater when it got dark.  It was a perfect day to go.

 New Belle's castle

Fireworks.  All the times I've been out there and worked
there for a total of 4 years - it was the first time I saw Tinkerbell
fly from the castle.  That would be a fun job!

Little Mermaid Castle

Fun time, thanks Mom and Trish
and Brian and Julianna.
And thanks for pushing me around in the
wheelchair Trish!