I wanted to blog more but...

I was going to start a new blog
using wordpress HERE
but it's so complicated I don't know if I'll ever
get around to getting it completely ready to go.
In the meantime, I'm going to continue using this one
until I get the other one up and running.  I got behind on
blogging and writing because I thought it would be easy
to get the other site going.  I decided I need to
continue writing and blogging so I'll just continue
here.  If I ever get the other site finished I'll let you know.

Anyway, on my Dad's birthday we decided to meet at 
his grave and set off a Chinese lantern in his memory. 

Doing this made me feel like we celebrated
Dad and that we miss him, and love him, and will
always remember him. I think it was good for all of us.

Jesse and Stuart got the job of trying to set the lantern off. 

 I was afraid to try because we let one go near our house
last year and it caught fire but kept going up and then down.
We held our breath as we watched it.  It seemed like it was going to land 
on someone's roof and catch fire to their house.  We watched till it disappeared and we think it just burned up and probably nothing was left of it.
Warning: Never let them go around trees, or homes, or in windy conditions. 
 Thankfully, this time it was successful and slowly 
rose until it disappeared almost in the clouds.

The sunset was beautiful over the lake at the cemetery.

Mom, Stuart, and Trish in the background

Jesse brought Finn.

 Skip to August which is birthday month around here.
We had a big celebration for Jesse's 30th!
 and Mom's
 and Chuck's Mom, Patsy

Jobee enjoyed the celebration chasing lizards.

 Jason got to come home for Jesse's birthday and will be here 'till tomorrow! Yay!

Chuck's sister Heidi with her new grand baby. He's a cutie!
Lindsey and her boyfriend and his nephew all 
came and joined the party.  I wish I'd gotten a 
photo with all of them in it.  They got here when
I'd reached my really tired point and kind of quit 
with the camera.  Next time I will make sure to
get better photos of everyone!  It's a goal!
I'll set up a photo background and do group shots, yes that's
what I will do from now on!

Patsy with her great grand son and Lindsey in the background
I'm really upset I didn't get a family photo with her in it.

Stuart took some of the photos.

Patsy and Mom opening gifts.

Patsy, Heidi and Frank

Jason and Minion - face off!

 Jobee was about as happy as Jesse to wear the Princess crown

You can see the new cabinet colors in this photo which 
took 2 months to complete working on weekends with
Chuck.  I don't think I put pictures of them on here before.

Jason's getting as bad as Jesse hiding from cameras.

Stuart and his favorite car

Me - our newer car

I think Jason's worn out and probably needs a vacation
from his vacation.
I feel really behind in my writing and blogging lately.
This is a start and will have to do until I have more time.
I hope everyone had a happy birthday!