one too many

I got rear ended two times in 9 days. One time too many. Actually one time is too many. The first time I could understand. It was wet and slippery. The second I could not I had been stopped and it was a bright and sunny morning. There was no excuse except she was not looking how could you not see a huge yellow bus. I know the cell phone was the reason. Thank goodness no kids were on the bus. But I'm sore and I actually have fear driving on that road since both accidents were at the same place.
On another note..I got blackberries and raspberries at Costco today. Really great price and really really good!
Oh yeah, only 7 days left and I didn't get summer school. God knows I need the break.



Not much going on here - so tired from work (the heat and hours).
Glad only 12 more days!
My tomatoes are doing well.
The dogs are being dogs.
My lilies have almost all opened.
A picture of mom from last weekend with her outside cat
she has an inside cat too.



I have a pet squirrel at work. Every morning I park and he comes and sits at the door and waits for me to open it and give him a cracker. I wonder what he does on weekends?

I have 50 minutes free time between schools and I've started walking. You can't really see him that well but I saw an otter playing in the pond where I walk.

And I saw this bird a pine warbler. It was tiny and the colors seemed so much brighter than these pictures.

I did have an accident at work that really messed me up for a few days. I became too cautious but am starting to get over it. It just made me so aware of how easily something could go wrong and I would never want any of my kids to get hurt or someone driving around me. So people remember Buses and trucks take much longer to stop. Do not pull in front of one and stop fast. It could be very bad for you.
And WooHoo only 12 days of school left!! Thank goodness cause this not getting home till 7 is wearing me out.

May 15

28 years ago today Chuck and I were married. I can not believe it's been 28 years.
I love you Chuck.

pretty flowers he gave me

Mother's day Jesse gave me an orchid. I hope I don't kill it.

I asked for a picture together.


For me to be able to:

I feel like I need to be able to:

I didn't like that version so much and had an idea for this version:

And my tomatoes are doing good!


Trying new things

I decided to try something different a watercolor of a bird. I then scanned it and played with it on photoshop.

saturday sitting on the porch

Chuck decided to caulk the bathtub today which means 1st cleaning the tub with bleach. I haven't felt well since Thursday so the bleach smell is really making me sick. I am now sitting on the back porch with my computer, iced coffee, watercolors, and something to read. I don't think I'll be able to go inside for awhile.
I took a picture of our latest experiment growing tomatoes with one of those upside down things. I have to say I thought it really wouldn't work that well but it is absolutely flourishing, at least for now. Since going back to work my garden doesn't grow so well. It actually doesn't exsist and anything green that comes into my house pretty much dies. But I have decided I want to do better at this. I mean I used to grow all sorts of vegetables and I had lots of pretty flowers so I know I can do it. And so far I haven't killed the two trees we planted almost a year ago. Yay!