a little of this a little of that

My friend Tricia. She came over to help me rearrange furniture and get rid of clutter. "This is how you get rid of the stuff you don't need Vickie"
Millie the reindeer.

Renny the Santa doggy.

Chuck and Rennie the tough dog.

I did it Tricia!! Do you like the color?

Thanksgiving, we had a nice family time. I'm glad everyone could come.
Christopher's mom and dad.

Christopher's sister and grandmother.
Chuck and his mom before.
and after...

Stuart goofy and Dad.

Jesse never lets me get a good picture, Chuck and Corey.

Me and Mom.

Chuck and Yosey
Me the dog magnet

Corey's friend Sarah and Corey
Stuart and Rennie


A typical week in the life of me

Conversation with security guard at high school, "That student was suspended for 3 days for cussing out a teacher." Me, "that's great so when he does that to me I can turn in a referral and they'll suspend him again?" Security, " Well no, it's different for bus drivers, he won't be suspended he'll get detention." Me, "Why?" S., "It's just a different situation."
This conversation is about the same kid who snorted coke or crack on my bus (but that's pure speculation on my part). It doesn't matter that he was rubbing his nose after I saw him sniff something up his nose, then sneezed violently several times, then when he saw a police officer on the side of the road started yelling - no screaming at him. Then reached over and started making out with his girlfriend in a really aggressive way and when I called him on it he yelled at me, "what the f.."
And then Friday a little boy in the afternoon starts crying on the bus, thankfully while I'm still at the school. I tried to comfort him but to no avail and asked the lady on the ramp if she could help. While she's trying to calm him down he throws up so she's all freaking out - I said you have a clinic right? He needs to go there now. Thankfully she got him off the bus I think after he lost breakfast and lunch, gross. I am so thankful for kitty litter that clumps...and absorbs odors, man made miracle!
I think a time is coming where things may have to change for me. I have to last at least 3 more years and I'll have retirement from this job, not much but something is better than nothing. So I need to start working toward something else. A different road.We went to a craft show yesterday and I got information on entering it next year. Maybe this will be the start of something. Got to start getting ready. It will take about a year since I don't have much ready, anything actually. I guess I could frame some of my over the road photos. That's a beginning. And then there's always caricatures and pet portraits - I really don't like doing them -sometimes you compromise.


Word for the day: Random

Random stuff; it' 4:02 a.m. and I can't sleep. Since I've been sick
and taking medicine it's really messed up my system so I'm wide awake.
I will probably go back to bed when it's time to get up.
Here's some random pictures.
My flowers that grow in a pot I don't think has any soil left in it.
They come back year after year no matter how hard I try to kill them.
Yosi has a new home. I met Sarah before and I think she's a sweetie.
She seems to really love Yosi and that's a good thing. She's a good little dog.
We went to vote yesterday and the line was un=freakin believably long and
both of us sick didn't want to stand in line. We'll try again today and then if
worse comes to it we'll just vote on election day and hopefully the lines won't be as long
since so many people voted early. I will keep my fingers crossed.


Halloween Fun

Corey, Christopher, Jesse and all the dogs came over last night for dinner and candy giving. We also had a dog costume show.

Jesse's artwork

Jese Parker's artwork
Jese and Jesse hard at work

Renny's costume
Millie's cowgirl costume
Charlie's little devil costume