Some Christmas pics...I'm still working on getting one of mom and dad on here.
Corey and Jesse Christmas morning..

Trish, my sister


Stu, my brother and his new pool table

Chuck's mom and husband Gunther

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I get two weeks off from work and 3 days into my time off
I get sick. I thought I was getting better but today I
started coughing worse and had problems breathing (scared me)so I gave
in and went to the Dr.
He immediately made me do a breathing treatment, put me on anti-
biotics and an inhaler. He kept asking me if I smoke or have
asthma. I'm allergic to cigarettes and do you all of a sudden get
asthma? I hope I feel better by Friday. We wanted to take a day
trip to St. Augustine.


Getting frustrated
I'm not blogging at night anymore it doesn't work right.
I tried to get more pictures from the concert to download
and they wouldn't, probably because I touched them up
in photoshop.
pictures from the Christmas concert for Hannah


I can't believe I'm finally off. I had to work extra hours Wed. thru Fri. because the high school kids got out at 11:45 they were testing. The rest of the schools
got out at the usual time so my days were kind of messed up. But now I'm free for
2 weeks YIPPEE! I did get a lot of gifts from the kids which I did not expect but the best gift was when they told me I'm the best bus driver. Sometimes they can be really sweet.

Yesterday, I drove for the Orlando Children's Church and Chuck was my
monitor. They had their annual Christmas party and had approximately 450 kids. It
was unbelievable. I drove one of the buses that followed a regular bus. When they
were full they started loading mine. I had 3 to a seat, some 4. These are kids who
don't have much. It was an amazing experience. It's a God thing how this started just a few years ago with one man and a few kids and now it's this huge.

This week I get to do all my Christmas shopping because I don't have anything yet. I have never waited 'till the week before Christmas
to do my shopping. It should be quite an experience.

Wed. night at church they are having a concert and are taking donations for Hannah's
transplant = to anyone who would like to come. Corey is playing 2 songs = and she
was given the honor of playing the last one. I think it's going to be very nice.
I'm not sure if Jesse is doing anything or not. I thought she was but she told me
today she's working doubles all week.

That's my update for now.

Here's a picture of Catalina in her new favorite spot.


Catching up

Flu shot, hopefully it will be worth the pain. Since I'm around 150 kids a day
I thought I needed it but my arm, shoulder, neck and back really hurt from it.

Books I've been reading:
I read It's Not About Me by Max Lucado, good read.
Now I'm reading, Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell.
No, I don't have any leadership desires just happened to be the only
book within reach one night that I hadn't finished reading. It talks about
being an influencer. Everyone is that to everyone around them, whether
positive or negative. The chapter I'm in now is about attitude. We
may not be able to control our circumstances but we do control how we
react to them. The most successful people, in business, health matters, life
in general, tend to have a positive attitude - according to what I'm reading.
I, personally, agree.

Corey's last concert at SCC was Tuesday night. I had to get a picture of her
with the baritone sax she plays that's almost as big as she is. Next semester
she's off to Rollins (Praise God!!!).


Today, Chuck and I went to the Turkey Run at the Daytona Speedway. I took
pictures of paint jobs I thought were cool.

I took pictures of his dream car that he actually owned at one time the Challenger.

The school bus of my dreams, I want one!!!
Thanksgiving was nice. Chuck, Corey, Jesse, me, Mom, Dad, Stu, Trish, Corey's friend's Brianne and Jean, and Clark from church. I picked up Stuart's camera
by mistake, same as mine, so I only had 3 pics on mine from the day. But it was
a very nice time with two games of hearts, dad and Chuck won. I never win but
enjoy playing. And the food was good.

Corey was so busy around her birthday I only got 2 pictures, one opening her new digital camera and the other of our traditional birthday breakfast coffee.


When Corey has too much time on her hands....
no one will ever eat whipped cream at our house again


I want to make this and I'm getting the stuff to do it.
Look at this website for more of this kind of jewelry I want to start making.

I think Corey could be a hand model.

Corey has an audition at Rollins this Friday. Please keep her in your prayers.


Halloween at our house the drama queen and scary boy. The funny thing,
the fake blood stained jesse's chin the next day.

Jesse's pumpkin, I think you can tell what it is.


My downfall
Today we went to Lucas Nursery to look at plants. I really like it there. I could
stay for a really long time especially when the weather is nice. I got some pretty
pictures too but at a cost. I was turning to look at something to take a picture
and didn't see the hole (rather large) full of water. Yes, I took quite a tumble.
I couldn't get up by myself 'cause I hurt my knee and I was soaked from the waist
down. Did I say it was a large hole full of water? Chuck took me home and after
a shower and change he fixed me an ice bag, went and bought steaks, got movies, and
proceeded to cook me dinner and really spoil me. Boy, could I have ever milked this
for awhile but after ice and ibuprophen it started feeling better and of course the
really good food. When he cooks it is very good.
Anyway, here's my pics. at least a few. Stu fixed my computer and I've been having problems getting pictures to rotate so I can get them on here right side up. I'm
sure I'll get the kinks worked out soon.


I've been looking at all these different artist's blogs makes me
want to make mine more artsy. I don't know how so all I can do is
put pictures of different things on it. So, I guess I'll collect
some artsy stuff to photograph.
I love this weather, too nice to stay inside, gotta go outside and
enjoy it.

Our cats, couldn't get Catalina to look at the camera.

Spanky's funny


Yesterday, Chuck was going around a corner at the time an accident was happening.
An SUV hit a semi and knocked the rear axle out or off or something like that.
He immediately went to help the people in the SUV. He pulled out 3 little kids, covered in glass. He said the mom was pinned in but someone else was able to help her. He said he got to hold the 3 week old little boy and try to get all the glass off of him. He said the baby had cuts on his forehead and glass in his mouth but the whole time was smiling and gurgling at him, never cried. He said it took about 35 to 40 minutes for fire and rescue to get there. I am proud of him, very.
He just kept talking about how cute the baby was. He'll be a good grandfather.


Some pictures of the lake where mom and dad live, Trish, and Jesse.


Maitland Art Show
Chuck took me to the Maitland Art Show today. He's trying to get his points in before the yearly car shows come up.
I actually bought something - two photographs. I've never bought anything at an art show. It was fun!!! I did take a few photos.


times up...
Tomorrow I go back to work. My time off didn't go exactly as planned but the most important things were done, spending time with family.
Today I decided to make a vacation day as if I were out of town, skipped church, went to an art show, took pictures, and shopped for plants. I didn't buy any plants. I think I'll try Lucas next week. I went to an art show and took pictures of buildings and plants. They were more interesting. Here's a few pics. If you think about me next week pray for me. I would appreciate it.


Why make lists?
I made my list for my time off but I haven't been able to get much
done. Some of the problem has been the weather but I
like rainy days so I do something unplanned.
I did get to bowl with mom Tuesday. That's always fun and she
got me new bowling shoes, pretty shiny blue, and very comfortable.
They do stick, not slide like the old ones but I started getting
used to it and I actually think I'm going to like it better, more control.
I haven't taken any pictures, oh no, so the camera's going with
me today. Blogging without pictures boring.
I haven't done any artwork but have kept up on the cpc brochure's creation,
by a professional artist, that's been very interesting watching it come together.
Makes me think I need to learn how to do that. Then I think, "is that really
the kind of art I want to do?"
Too much contemplation, time to go out and do something.


Yesterday was a fun day. When I was getting ready to leave to go back to work in the afternoon I opened the garage door and there was a car parked behind me.
Jesse's friend Eric was over and they decided to go somewhere so he parked in the driveway. I guess they thought I had left. I called and they were too far away for me to get to work in time - good thing Chuck only works a mile away from the house.
He came and I took him back to work and went to work from there. On the way I got stuck in traffic, which never happens on the road I take to work. I get to work right on time but then my bus won't unlock. To get it to unlock you have to kind of kick it or throw your body weight against it to get it to catch so the latch will pop up.....Anyway, now I'm late by about 2 minutes which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been called into my manager's office the prior week for being late - which I wasn't, but we have to radio in and sometimes you just can't get thru....
So by this time I'm getting frustrated and throw my hip against the door and well I break the glass in the door and it unlocks. I jump on the bus they're calling me on the radio, 'cause I'm late, I told them I couldn't get the door unlocked and I broke the glass so they tell me I have to bring the bus in and get a sub. It takes at least 20 minutes to get to the compound which will make me late to pick up my high school but they said I had to go. When I get to the compound I have to fill out 2 pages of paperwork before they even let me have another bus which I then have to do a pre-trip on. Somewhere in the middle of this I say, "God you know me getting all upset and worried - well, what does it matter, what difference does it make? It won't change anything, so live in the moment, make it the best possible, and don't be upset." As I was leaving someone radioed me and asked my ETA to my high school and said they'd let my kids know. I get to the school and the kids are at the ramp in the sun all nice and hot and sweaty. I can't even get on the ramp because of cars so I have to load them on the street and they're all complaining, "where were you? We had to stand out in the sun and we've been looking all over for you and we're all hot and sweaty". Because I'm in the street I get to leave with the 1st row of buses making me earlier dropping the kids off and earlier to my next school. Everything worked out. God is in control. I do wonder if I'm going to get called into the manager's office though, since I had two broken windows in two days.


Today some kid broke a window on my bus. I don't know if it was a kid from mine
or from another. It wasn't broken out - just like this big spider web. It meant I didn't get off early but had to take it in, write up a report and get a sub bus and drive back to where I park. So, I got off an hour and a half later than normal, bummer. I do have some really great kids though and I don't think one of mine did it.

I've been reading a blog
she talks about making a life (or was it a goals) map. I've decided I'm going to do that. I need to do something to stay inspired to create and not let being tired keep me from it.

I am so looking forward to my 10 days off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Corey on her way to work. She got a pretty new skirt.

this is the sky every morning when I get to work