I decided to post pictures while my computer is working
which isn't very often!!
It's driving me crazy.
These are from Easter. I got so upset at the kids because
they goofed around with my camera wearing the battery
down and I wanted to take pictures of Lindsey,
her husband and new baby and Logan.
Oh well, can't have everything.



I got my diet today. Yea! I'm on the antioxidant, diet and exercise program. I do have to count calories, poo. We'll see how well I do with that. I've decided to allow my competitive side to take over with this - you know make it a major competition to beat any diet I've been on and do better than anyone else. Hopefully that will keep me going.
I was hoping to not start the diet until after Easter 'cause we're going to Chuck's mom's and her food is good but my dietician said, "just measure, portion control". I think Easter will probably be one of my "blow it" days.
Corey and Jesse are on their way to the beach and just north of where they're going is a hail and tornado watch. I called them and tried to encourage them to come home. Will they use the brains God gave them? I tried to remind them what happened to the last car we had with hail damage, total destruction.


where i am now

I started my job and so far i really like it.
I went to the Winter Park Art Festival yesterday. I wasn't going to go 'cause I wasn't feeling well but Jesse decided she wanted to go so I went. Stuart went with us too. They had some things I hadn't seen before and it inspired me. I am the last person to go on a Saturday in the middle of the day - hate crowds - but I'm very glad I did. It was actually a very relaxing, inspiring day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.
I'm still having problems posting pictures but when I get it figured out - post I will.
I will be computerless for a few days. Starting in a few minutes. I will miss the outside world.


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Well I got the job. I start next Wednesday. Monday I go in and fill out paperwork. I think I will really like it.
Jesse's got a terrible lump on her head. She was walking a mare out to pasture when she (the horse) opened her mouth and swung her head and hit Jesse in the back of the head with her teeth. Jesse said she had terrible pain in her neck and felt like she was going to pass out. She says she's fine but I will be watching.
I had a Dexus? scan today to show how much fat I have. It shows your skeleton, then shows it surrounded by your body fat and mine is all concentrated in one area...I'm sure you can guess where. I looked normal until you got to that part, it was awful!!! I hope I can loose it all during this experiment.


the future

It's weird getting to a place in your life where everything has changed. You know the change will come but you still aren't prepared for it when it gets there. I think I'm feeling melancholy.



I have an interview Wednesday.
I'm going to the auto show in motion Sunday. My favorite thing to drive last year was the HumV because of the course they had set up. The new Chevy truck - 2 seater was quick and cornered well and the Corvette was fast, but the Lexus SUV -that was niiiiccceee. I'm hoping they'll have a new mustang this year. I want to see how it handles. I just wish there weren't crowds and lines, don't like that.


today, tomorrow and ...

I applied for a job driving for senior citizens - going to the grocery store, Dr., church, etc.. It's a part-time job 25 hours a week. It would leave me time to do other things.
Like this mural I'm supposed to be working on...I'm afraid of failing...that it won't be good enough...
I'm starting a diet research thing next Tuesday. It's a 27 week committment. I get a free checkup and then I have to stay on the diet for that amount of time. I think it has weekly checkups too.
I found this font on Corey's was so artistic and inspiring I started writing a story.
I want to see your house colors, Tricia.