I got my diet today. Yea! I'm on the antioxidant, diet and exercise program. I do have to count calories, poo. We'll see how well I do with that. I've decided to allow my competitive side to take over with this - you know make it a major competition to beat any diet I've been on and do better than anyone else. Hopefully that will keep me going.
I was hoping to not start the diet until after Easter 'cause we're going to Chuck's mom's and her food is good but my dietician said, "just measure, portion control". I think Easter will probably be one of my "blow it" days.
Corey and Jesse are on their way to the beach and just north of where they're going is a hail and tornado watch. I called them and tried to encourage them to come home. Will they use the brains God gave them? I tried to remind them what happened to the last car we had with hail damage, total destruction.

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