This is the verse I sold that I forgot to
take a picture of.  The one I sold was 
in purple.  I did this one for me.


I wanted to start doing a sketch a day, inspired by Megan
I guess this is a little more than a sketch.
I had fun playing with it.  

I actually sold a piece yesterday, woo hoo.
I've done a couple of hand written scriptures on 
canvas with lots of fun background painting.
One of my friends from work saw one and liked it
so I gave it to her for her birthday.  Her sister saw
it and wanted to buy one.  I actually enjoy doing
those so I had fun and got paid.  Unfortunately, 
I forgot to take a picture of either, bummer.
Have to remember to do that next time.


I was going to download photos from Easter and 
found I'd somehow lost them all.  Aaaaccckkk.....
Anyway some photos from our last beach trip.
I've always wanted to get a photo of this entrance
this is thru the windshield on the way there
 Lots of these at the beach
 this wood was full of tiny crabs and shells with mollusks?
 I don't know what you call this - maybe parasailing?
they were moving extremely fast

 On the way back, kind of creepy cool