Yesterday I went with Mom and Stuart to look at a house.
I think it's interesting to look at houses and see how people
live, decorate, and see the layout. This house was built in the
60's. He said his mom had redone the kitchen. Umm what
year? It had a lot of potential but it would require a lot of work.
Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.
I really liked this table from the 60's? 70's?
panaromic view, the location is fantastic

the bathroom was icky and original

check out the orange shag carpet and original light fixture

Looks like something from "the Jetsons"
florida room
on the way home taking plane pictures. I didn't get any good ones
wanted to add this cute photo
blurry but you can see how much little dog loves
his momma


Create for the day: While still trying to get my "studio" (no longer called the
art room - I'm getting serious) in order, I found some drawings and watercolors
I'd forgotten about. This is Elsie as a puppy.
Elsie grown up
A really old watercolor of Aysha. We had her for 15 years.
She was the smartest dog I'd ever trained, show her something
once and that's all it took, housebreaking included. Elsie
on the other hand took 3 weeks to house train.
A beach watercolor on smooth paper. I think I actually
did this sitting in the back of the car at the beach.

Another beach watercolor on rough paper.


Beach Day! First time really going outside since the surgery.
It felt so good to be at the beach and feel the water and the
wind. Not many people today because, I guess, the forecast
called for rain but it was really nice.
It wasn't too hot because of clouds and wind.
The above and below were on the way home. I may
use them to do a painting.
Pelicans, it's fun trying to catch them in flight.

Surfer girl, don't see them too much. She was pretty good.

Lots of living shells today.

It was a very relaxing day. Just what the Dr. ordered.


Create for the day

I decided to play with watercolors for my create
for the day. I really don't like painting flowers much
mainly because I lose my place and either add petals
or forget them so if you saw the real flower you'd say, "hmmm".
This is the largest flower I've ever done 11 x 15 paper.
Though I'm not fond of painting flowers I actually enjoyed this one.

Corey gave me a gift certificate for mother's day and I thought
I might get some watercolors. I decided before I did I would see
what I have. These I've had for about 20 years. They're my favorite.
They're german.
The paint on the left is my carry along paints. You can see
they haven't been used, they're German. The others, on the right,
I've started using. They're Italian
These I've had for over 20 years. They're from Great Britain.
I used them today for the rose. The tray is awesome, also 20 years old.
These were some Chuck bought me for a Christmas gift
years ago. I don't know where they're from. They came in
a nice wooden case.

I guess I don't paint enough or I don't think they would
have lasted that long. They are all still good though which
surprised me. Going through them I don't think I need
anymore maybe I'll just get paper to use them on.



I've been looking at some of the practice pieces I've done in the
past, I need to start drawing daily again, or my Create
for the day - try to get back into it. It would probably be
a help in my healing process. I was looking at a blog last
night where the lady draws or paints on a daily basis and
gives herself a certain amount of time, then stops when times
up and doesn't go back and finish the piece later.
This gives her the freedom to create - for practice and improve
her talent - more about process than product.


Yay! Chuck and Jesse sold her Miata saturday and
found her truck on Sunday! Finally finished with
car shopping for a while, yay yay yay!!!!!!!
Look how tiny it makes our SUV look.
Thankfully it's a 6 cylinder, not 8 so a little better gas mileage.

Chuck said he was going to work to rest after Saturday selling
a car and Sunday buying a truck. He threw a fit on the showroom
floor refusing to pay the dealer fees and walked out and left.
They followed him out and said they would take care of it.
Jesse thought he was crazy but it worked. He said the salesman
never would get near him after that -he was afraid....


One of the things that's been helping me
heal from surgery and get through this
cancer thing - all the family - Mom and Dad
- Chuck's Mom and Frank and people from
church, work, and other friends calling, sending
cards, helping with our needs, bringing food, flowers,
books, just all the love shown is such a huge blessing.
Lisa from the CPC brought us flowers, and dinner
from Boston market, and a funny yellow monkey
that makes me laugh, last Friday. Monday, Sherry
made us chicken fajitas with the fixings and banana bread,
that her husband Danny delivered. It was delicious and
the banana bread made for a good breakfast too.
Wednesday, Christy brought us pot roast, potatoes and
carrots, bread, and carrot cake, yum also very delicious.
When she called to say she was coming her little boys
were crying in the back seat. By the time she got here they
were sound asleep - so sweet. Today Susan and Norm brought us
a roasted chicken, stuffing, green beans from their garden, potatoes
and carrots, and strawberry shortcake. I think I've gained 5 lbs.
this week from all the yummy deliciousness.
I can not forget to thank Corey for all she did while she was here,
cooking, cleaning and cheering me up. Chuck and Jesse have also been
a huge help with taking care of anything and everything that
needs to be done while working full time. I have to say I
have felt extremely blessed and very well taken care of.
I am very grateful to God for filling my life with people I love
and who show me they love me back - I feel I have a very blessed life.
Thank you everybody!!!!!!!


Jesse got the dogs doggie ice cream treats!!
It's hot outside dogs want to cool off with ice cream too.
Little dog...
She really hangs on tight!


Tuesday treat

Jesse was off and said she wanted to make us dinner.
Chris came over to visit and enjoy the home cooked meal.
It was really delicious!
New potatoes, asparagus, fresh salmon and rolls.

It was really really good. I told her it should be her
Father's day dinner for Chuck because she gave him
his gift last night too, which I will post pictures of
later. She just came in the house and showed me she
busted her knuckles on it because she didn't wear the gloves.