I don't know what's wrong but my pictures wouldn't load today.
We went to church yesterday and Pastor Coleman prayed for us. Then we went to Mom and Dad's for lunch and cards and had a nice visit. My brother and Mom set up a meeting at their church for my Dad and I to be prayed for. It was a very good experience. They have a cancer ministry at their church and have ladies who make prayer shawls. It was just a very comforting and uplifting experience and I'm very glad I went and it made me feel more hopeful.
We (me, Chuck, Corey and Stuart) went to Chili's for lunch because my bus kids gave me a gift card it was a good lunch.
This evening Chuck's mom and Frank came and visited and blessed us even more. It was a nice visit. Then Corey did my nails and Jesse called and we talked. Good, blessed day.

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