Create for the day

I decided to play with watercolors for my create
for the day. I really don't like painting flowers much
mainly because I lose my place and either add petals
or forget them so if you saw the real flower you'd say, "hmmm".
This is the largest flower I've ever done 11 x 15 paper.
Though I'm not fond of painting flowers I actually enjoyed this one.

Corey gave me a gift certificate for mother's day and I thought
I might get some watercolors. I decided before I did I would see
what I have. These I've had for about 20 years. They're my favorite.
They're german.
The paint on the left is my carry along paints. You can see
they haven't been used, they're German. The others, on the right,
I've started using. They're Italian
These I've had for over 20 years. They're from Great Britain.
I used them today for the rose. The tray is awesome, also 20 years old.
These were some Chuck bought me for a Christmas gift
years ago. I don't know where they're from. They came in
a nice wooden case.

I guess I don't paint enough or I don't think they would
have lasted that long. They are all still good though which
surprised me. Going through them I don't think I need
anymore maybe I'll just get paper to use them on.

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