Winter Park Art Festival and birthday dinner

I went to the art festival with Corey and Jill. Really enjoyed it. Went to Panera and got breakfast. Saw a guy with a bunny on a leash. He had it really well trained - so cute.

I've never been when it was this crowded.

ran into Mikey, twice

JESSE and Corey came over Saturday for Chuck's birthday dinner (tho its not till wed). We had steak yum. Today was the only day Corey and JESSE could both come over. I got him a little cake since we shouldn't be eating sugar. Poor Chuck had to cook his own steak but it was really good.


Meghan got married

Went to Meghan and Kyle's wedding today. Very pretty, Meghan was beautiful, loved the setting outside. I pray God will bless their marriage.

Background page for art journal

I didn't make it to 3 finished pieces but I did get a background page for an art journal done.

Looking for direction

I've decided to try to do at least 3 pieces per week just to figure out which direction I want to go. Do I want to paint, draw, sculpt, collage, too many choices.
But I think the ultimate outcome is to make money so I'm not stuck at my current job forever. So here's my 1st piece for the week a watercolor.


bike ride and birds

Last weekend we went for a long bike ride an hour and a half. Long for me.
But I made my goal and we made it to the bridge, yay! Got good cardinal pictures.
It was fun.
The cranes I pass at work. The baby's so cute.


bummer days

Let's start with Saturday, doing the taxes and finding out we owe big time. Tuesday, middle school kids cut my seats - having to deal with parents, students, administrators and managers and yet nothing will probably be done. High school kids making out on the bus, and a kid throwing something out of the window, that was today. What I really hate is when you know a kid does something and then lies to your face, arrgh.
Well tomorrow's another day. Hopefully better.