House and tshirts

Mom and Dad were looking at a house for sale so Chuck took a look at it. It would be a great downsize for us. So much easier to paint and fix a house without high ceilings! Very cute and very much fun to think, "what would I do?" in each room and through out the house.

Chuck where he shouldn't be. Apparently these roofs last forever they just need occasional repairs. Good to know.

Tshirts I've been working on for Dad
Before the flag

after the flag



I've been working since I got off trying to catch up on stuff around the house. So much to do so little time and money. Yesterday between getting a new driver's license (which if you need to do make an appointment several hours wait otherwise) and grocery shopping and etc....I treated myself with a stop at Sam Flax. The clerk asked if she could help me and I said, "I'm just having fun". Well I had a little too much fun 'cause I couldn't resist what's pictured. All in small sizes and incredibly small prices, love a good bargain and what fun it will be!


rainy afternoons and 'cause I wanted to..

Love the clouds with the afternoon thunderstorms

Today I did something completely different from what I would normally do and had fun. It's how I felt.


A day at the beach

Chuck made a deal with me. Go to the beach with him in the morning and he'd go with me to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. Mine was we go early. We got there at 8:30. Haven't been when it's that empty in forever. Nice. By the time we left at 11:00 it was packed.

I can't remember ever being at the beach without seeing dolphin, though Corey tried to convince me they were shark.

And then to Mom and Dad's for Father's Day

Now I know where Jesse gets her never take a serious picture from

Mom and Dad. Happy Father's Day dad!!



Chuck had to attend a conference for work across the street from Lake Buena Vista or Disney Village. I decided I would go with him because I needed some artistic inspiration for a piece I'm trying to do for the SC employee art show. I got there too early because nothing opens till 9:30. It was weird being there when almost no one was there. Kind of neat, quiet, so I walked for awhile then found a place to sit and wait for the stores to open. The dragon in the lake is made of legos. I kind of would like to go back to work out there and then I kind of would not. Probably not this summer.



Had to get the car fixed. It seems like all our expenses happen (at least the most expensive) when I'm not working.
A couple weeks back our washer flooded our entire garage. Seems the water-load capacity among other things stopped working. We had to get a new washer and decided to bite the bullet and get a dryer too. The dryer was 25 years old and we were afraid to leave it on when we left the house for fear of fire. We didn't realize it was so old till I found the paperwork on it. I have to admit I'm liking the new machines. I did not realize how small my old machines were 'till I got these. I hate doing laundry and these have cut back the amount of time I have to spend on it, yay!
Is anybody watching the new show, the next great artist on Bravo. Very interesting.



Went to mom and dad's Sunday. Walked to the lake and enjoyed to scenery. Went to Corey's yesterday and Ikea, fun day.
Trying to get paperwork stuff done today and I have ton's. I have to get a new driver's license this year. Wow, class A licenses are expensive and the paperwork you have to have to renew is ridiculous especially if you've ever been married before even if it was 100 years ago, crazy!
I have decided to take Corey and Jill's challenge and do something creative at least once a week. Since I'm off for a few weeks I'm making my challenge - more - and I have to do something at least 3x per week. Setting up an Etsy shop counts and photography - so here's my photography..


Lake Wales

Today we took a road trip. Chuck wanted to see "spook hill". Where your car is supposed to roll uphill. Didn't work. We rolled downhill. I know there's one around here somewhere that does work 'cause I've been there but that wasn't it.
The old hotel downtown was cool though.
We also went to the Suzanne Chalet which was really old and seen its day. But it was fun. Any day with Chuck always is.


Summer planning

What to do? What to do? Too many things to do! Today, after my doctor appt. I am making my plans for summer. It's only 8 weeks and I know it will fly if I don't make plans - which I really should have done before now.

I know tomorrow will be spent waiting for the delivery of the new washer and dryer. Yes, we had a flooded garage last week. I mean completely flooded. The washer doesn't work at all and the dryer is, believe it or not, 25 years old. I found the paperwork for it and couldn't believe how old it is. The new dryer looks huge inside compared to the old one. Can't wait to get it because it's been a week since I've done laundry, yikes.

The last day of school went by quickly and almost problem free. I had one of my favorite kids, Porsha, tell me she would really miss me and gave me a big hug. She's going to middle school next year. I will miss her sooo much. She is such a sweetheart and Justin is also going to middle school. He's one of my best kids too. I did not realize how attached I'd gotten, wow. I was really surprised when they gave me a $60 Target gift card and a Panera card too. I will have fun with those!

Guess I better get to planning. One of my big goals for the summer is to enter the County art show in July. I'm trying to decide what to do and get it done in time. I watched a new show last night the Next great artist or some title like that. Really am going to get into that show. It was extremely inspiring! So I need to get to work now!