Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Jesse leaving Monday with her new - old - car. She called and said it didn't start this morning uh oh. thankfully just the battery

Went to Disney village with Jesse and Chris and Chuck's truck was there.

Had fish and chips and Chris had bangers which I didn't know was sausage.

finally got to see Tricia again and go to the infamous Blue Bird Bakery, and yum!

then home and was going to make fries but they turned into potatoe chips. I wish I'd taken a picture of the coconut flan I made last night because I never made flan before and it actually turned out (and I wonder why I've gained weight).


Happy Day after Christmas

Some pictures from Christmas 2011.

Jesse and Chuck went to a car show and saw dioramas like these. Chuck really liked them so Jesse made one for him. REally fantastic.

After much much much searching, going and looking, driving and seeing really crappy cars - we finally found one we hope will work and run really well for a really long time and get good gas mileage -for Jesse


Dec. 23rd

Umm..soooo...Christmas was the first day I've done it. That's really bad for me to wait like this. I have decided I need to plan better.



The hawk has started posing for me. This is how far away he was.

...and real hot chocolate, milk, semi sweet chocolate, cinnamon stick, touch of vanilla, touch of chili powder, and marshmallows..


Christmas lights

We drove around and looked at Christmas lights last night. It's like Chuck says it's easier to get in the mood for the season when it's cold and you're drinking coffee and looking at pretty lights.

and there are 2 hawks living in the tree behind us



The tree is up. And the Barbie tree is up. And the Christmas gifts are in the kitchen, dishwasher and fridge, and a hawk. Like the title says random-ness.


Friday and Saturday

Mom Terry and Dad

David and Christopher

Donna, Me, Terry, Trish and Jesse

Donna, Terry, Mom, Trish and Jesse

Terry and Donna

Yesterday was a lovely day spent unloading refrigerators and taking down cabinets to make the new one fit. The whole day was working to get ready for the dishwasher and fridge and then reloading, reading, and trying things. I still haven't finished getting everything put away though. We had to move the china cabinet too so they could get it through the door. But it's nice to not have to worry about leaks and actually having things that work
Terry and Donna, Christopher and David, were here this past week. The only chance I got to see them was Friday night. It was sooo good to see them and spend time with them. I wish they, or we, lived closer.



We had a great day. Missing Jesse though, or missed Jesse. I only got a few pictures. I have decided to work on taking better pictures.
What turkey does to Chuck.

Trish Dad and Corey

Stuart and Mom's inside cat, sweetie.

Mom always working.