dog park, dogs visit (and kids), lettuce

Chuck found my shoes that are 3 sizes too big and
tried them on one cold, very cold morning. He
decided he liked them very much and now wears
them around the house all the time. They
are very soft, cushy and warm. I think he's making
a fashion statement

Jesse and Jersey. Jersey is so cute.
She's a black Renny.

We have a house full when everyone and their dog shows up.

My friend Tina and her husband Ben have a vegetable garden and
orange groves. Ben had to pull up all the lettuce before
the freeze the other night. He came to work and
gave everyone some, it's huge!!!
I hadn't seen lettuce this big since living in Alaska.

Trip to what we call the "dog park". It's really
just a nice place to walk in the woods.

I caught a picture of this woodpecker and didn't see
in the bottom picture there are two.

Cyprus nodules always make me think of people frozen in
tree shape living in a little village in the woods. Yes, I'm weird.



These are pictures from my favorite Disney resort the
Wilderness Lodge
This is outside near "Old Faithful" which goes off every hour.

I think why I like the Wilderness Lodge so much is because it
reminds me of Alaska and I really loved living in Alaska.
Although I was a kid (as an adult the cold might bother me)
and I loved all things outdoors - ice skating across the street
from our house (there were two huge ice skating rinks) ,
skiing and sledding. Our house was between two hills one was
Bear Run and the other Moose hill, named so because if I understood
correctly - who lived there.
It was an interesting place to live. I also remember
going to a bicentennial celebration and getting to see
the Iditarod dog sled racers flying through town.
I also remember the Eskimo toss where they
had seal skin blankets sewn together to make a huge one
they would put people on and throw them really
high into the air. And eskimo candy
made from whale blubber, yum.

Mom gave me these pictures yesterday. I thought this was
a good one of her, Terry and Dad. And no, Terry
doesn't have a punk hairstyle. There's a clock on the
wall behind his head.
I really hadn't seen Terry in his uniform before, that I
can remember. I always saw him in his flight suit.


Amy's sister took this picture of Jesse. I saw some
others she took and I think she has a lot of talent! Jesse's dog wanted to take Renny for a walk but he
was really not happy about it.

Last vacation day

Only in Florida...Gator jerky and smoked aligator and it
was being sold out of a trailer that also had "Starbucks coffee"
yummy combination

Cocoa beach

We always seem to wear out the little dog.


I forgot I want to simplify, simplify, simplify!!!!!

I resolve;

New Year’s resolutions I don’t like to make. Within hours, days, weeks they are usually broken. This year I have to make at least one; learn everything I can about diabetes. I will also need to take it one step further by using what I learn to help Chuck change his diet and start exercising with him for both of us to become healthier.

My resolutions for 2009:
1. Learn about diabetes and what we can do to make it better, change our diet
and have an exercise plan.
2. Be joyful on a daily basis, choose to see the good in situations and people (watch
my mouth, don’t say not nice things)
3. Do things to show my family how much I love them
4. Get my priorities straight
5. Don’t be afraid to be an “artist”
6. “Seek God 1st and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Questions I will ask myself each month to help keep on track:
1. What new thing have I learned and applied to our lives to help keep diabetes under control? What are we doing on a daily basis for exercise?
2. What kind of attitude have I been displaying?
3. What have I done to show my family how much they mean to me?
4. Have I figured out my priorities and been keeping them in the proper order?
5. What have I done as an artist this month?
6. Am I seeking God 1st?