Winter with the Writers

Last Thursday I got to go to Winter With the Writers
at Rollins College.  Corey was an intern for Sy Montgomery
who has written 20 books about animals.  I've read
"The Soul of an Octopus, The Good Good Pig", and
am reading "Birdology." I was so excited to get to meet her.
I wanted to give her a big hug when I met her but was
afraid I might scare her.  She was awesome!  She gave
a talk about things that can go very wrong when writing
non-fiction.  She is a super interesting person and has done 
some amazing things.  I'm glad that she and Corey hit it 
off so well.  They have so much in common especially
their love of animals and writing.  I just felt so blessed 
to get to meet her and hear her story.  Also, I got to hear
another writer-poet, Ross Gay critique one of Corey's poems.
He asked her a question and the answer she gave was so 
insightful and intelligent I was super proud!!
 Really fantastic experience.  I also sat next to a lady
who is writing a book about alternative medicine.
It's really interesting to meet other people who are
working on something that I've been thinking I should be 
working on (not on that topic - but a book).  
It gives me hope that maybe I can do it.

In other news: I have a new great niece:
Adelaide Estel!!!  Beautiful!!!
 Born Feb 22, 2016
My brother and his new grand daughter.
Congratulations to Eric, Sarah, Michaela and the 
rest of the family!  Can't wait to meet her in person!


The past couple of weeks have not been fun with 
all of the doctor appointments and tests.  Also, I decided
not to have one of the tests, stress test, because
it's too stressful. (ha ha)I don't need to do that.
I've also been kind of down because of some of the things
the doctors have told me.  
Within the past week I've received
2 cards from friends who have given me much needed encouragement.
I know God knows when I'm struggling.  I'm very grateful
for friends who listen and can hear the whisper of
the Holy Spirit to do kind things for others.  I really really
needed the encouragement that I received from them because
sometimes I feel very much without a purpose, and 
more of a burden and no one likes to feel like that.
I know my family loves me and doesn't think that but
I can't help but think it sometimes.  Enough feeling sorry for myself.
Thank you to my friends Debbie and Sylvia for knowing 
when someone needs cheering up!!!

I haven't been seeing much of this guy lately but caught
him the other morning.  I just wish I could get a clear shot of him.

This lady has been very sick since the weekend.
I was afraid to leave the house but she seems to finally
be getting a little better.  She ate regular food for the first time
since the weekend.  It still has some medication in it but
she wouldn't have anything to do with it before.

There have been a few different visitors to the bird feeder.

Chuck thought something was wrong with these two.
I think they were either getting warm or drying out because
they flew away as soon as we got close.

I finally caught one in flight!

and another in partial flight or coming in for a landing
Tomorrow I get to go to Rollins and meet the writer
Corey is doing an internship with.  Her name is Sy Montgomery.
I've read two of her books and am starting a third.
Book one was Soul of an Octopus, the 2nd was
A Good Good Pig, and the one I'm reading now is;
Birdology.  Her website is:
I'm so excited!!!
Yesterday was my Oncologist appointment.
Unfortunately it brought about more appointments.
So this week two appointments and next week one - so far -  but I may end
up with more.  I've been having loud ringing in my ears,
jaw popping, and I almost passed out Sunday.  Thankfully
Chuck was there and helped me get to bed.  I felt much
better after resting and taking a nap but it was scary.
I also went to the eye Dr. Friday thinking I needed a slight
adjustment with my left eye.  He said I wasn't seeing well
at all and that he was going to make a huge change in 
my prescription.  I wasn't expecting that.  When I told
my Oncologist about that and all the rest of the above issues she 
decided she wants me to get an MRI of my brain,
and carotid ultrasound of the veins/arteries in my neck.
And she said something else I'm supposed to do but right
now I can' remember what it was.
 So much fun.

Jesse took me to the Dr. in the morning

                                                              and we sat on the porch
in the evening watching the birds and playing
with the dogs. 


                                                             We have a new bird-
a Carolina Wren.  He is a tiny LOUD little bird.
A neighbors dog was barking and he sat on the fence yelling
at it at least that's what it sounded and looked like. What 
he lacks in size he truly makes up for with being loud.

one of Chuck's nemeses.  
I looked up the plural of nemesis and that's
what it said was correct.  It doesn't look right to me.

The unafraid and always alone robin
 I try to catch photos of the birds in flight.  I would love a front
view instead of a tail view but that's all I can get so far.

He's back. 

The birds are unafraid of these two.

I know I put this on Facebook but not the 

and after:
I hadn't decided to do this for Chuck until last Friday. 
Corey and I went to Ross and I saw this set 
with comforter, bedskirt, 2 shams and 3 decorative 
pillows under $50.00.  I wasn't sure because
of how bright it was and I usually like 
just one color but I do like the blue and it has
a southwest feel to me.  So I went for it and then
found this painting I did a few years ago that never looked
 and I tried doing this to it which does look finished to me. I also
enjoyed doing it.  I don't know why some 
paintings are a struggle and some are more fun. 

Bird watching

Chuck bought me a bird feeder a while back
and then we added another one.  We now have 2 feeders and
one bird house.  A few days ago we bought a different food.
It seems to be attracting a large number of birds.
This is a painted bunting.  From what I've read you don't
see them much.  They like to hide in the brush.
They are absolutely gorgeous!  But they are very shy.
I can't walk onto the porch without him flying away so
I'm shooting pictures through the glass door and the screen
on the porch, therefore fuzzy bird pictures but you can
still see the beautiful colors of this bird.  
 There's a robin who is unafraid and will stay on the
fence when the dogs go outside.

This is blurry but I thought cute because she was
really watching me.

 She let me step off the porch and take her picture
but she kept watching me.

Then this guy came back.  He's started showing up 
every afternoon around 2-3

 He is so pretty. I wish I could go off the porch and 
get a clear shot of him without scaring him away.

This guy was sitting in the tree above my head watching me.
It was really windy and his head feathers kept blowing up.

I really enjoy watching all these birds.
I can't believe it's stayed cold almost all week.
I even wore a long sleeve shirt with a sweater all day
and I used the seat heater in the car.  I never thought that would
get any use in Florida!