Yesterday was my Oncologist appointment.
Unfortunately it brought about more appointments.
So this week two appointments and next week one - so far -  but I may end
up with more.  I've been having loud ringing in my ears,
jaw popping, and I almost passed out Sunday.  Thankfully
Chuck was there and helped me get to bed.  I felt much
better after resting and taking a nap but it was scary.
I also went to the eye Dr. Friday thinking I needed a slight
adjustment with my left eye.  He said I wasn't seeing well
at all and that he was going to make a huge change in 
my prescription.  I wasn't expecting that.  When I told
my Oncologist about that and all the rest of the above issues she 
decided she wants me to get an MRI of my brain,
and carotid ultrasound of the veins/arteries in my neck.
And she said something else I'm supposed to do but right
now I can' remember what it was.
 So much fun.

Jesse took me to the Dr. in the morning

                                                              and we sat on the porch
in the evening watching the birds and playing
with the dogs. 


                                                             We have a new bird-
a Carolina Wren.  He is a tiny LOUD little bird.
A neighbors dog was barking and he sat on the fence yelling
at it at least that's what it sounded and looked like. What 
he lacks in size he truly makes up for with being loud.

one of Chuck's nemeses.  
I looked up the plural of nemesis and that's
what it said was correct.  It doesn't look right to me.

The unafraid and always alone robin
 I try to catch photos of the birds in flight.  I would love a front
view instead of a tail view but that's all I can get so far.

He's back. 

The birds are unafraid of these two.

I know I put this on Facebook but not the 

and after:
I hadn't decided to do this for Chuck until last Friday. 
Corey and I went to Ross and I saw this set 
with comforter, bedskirt, 2 shams and 3 decorative 
pillows under $50.00.  I wasn't sure because
of how bright it was and I usually like 
just one color but I do like the blue and it has
a southwest feel to me.  So I went for it and then
found this painting I did a few years ago that never looked
 and I tried doing this to it which does look finished to me. I also
enjoyed doing it.  I don't know why some 
paintings are a struggle and some are more fun. 

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Tricia said...

I love your new bedding and painting...just beautiful. I really hate what you are going through. It really sucks. REALLY SUCKS.