Bird watching

Chuck bought me a bird feeder a while back
and then we added another one.  We now have 2 feeders and
one bird house.  A few days ago we bought a different food.
It seems to be attracting a large number of birds.
This is a painted bunting.  From what I've read you don't
see them much.  They like to hide in the brush.
They are absolutely gorgeous!  But they are very shy.
I can't walk onto the porch without him flying away so
I'm shooting pictures through the glass door and the screen
on the porch, therefore fuzzy bird pictures but you can
still see the beautiful colors of this bird.  
 There's a robin who is unafraid and will stay on the
fence when the dogs go outside.

This is blurry but I thought cute because she was
really watching me.

 She let me step off the porch and take her picture
but she kept watching me.

Then this guy came back.  He's started showing up 
every afternoon around 2-3

 He is so pretty. I wish I could go off the porch and 
get a clear shot of him without scaring him away.

This guy was sitting in the tree above my head watching me.
It was really windy and his head feathers kept blowing up.

I really enjoy watching all these birds.
I can't believe it's stayed cold almost all week.
I even wore a long sleeve shirt with a sweater all day
and I used the seat heater in the car.  I never thought that would
get any use in Florida!

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Tricia said...

That painted bunting is gorgeous!