December 11? or 12th?

That's the last time I posted anything.
I will be random today.
I have always wanted a red door.

 We now have a red door, yay!

Do not goof with me when I'm trying to take your
picture or you will get a goofy one!
 Although - I like them anyway.  Jesse's
lucky I'm a good mom or she'd be looking at
herself lying face down on the floor like she did when
I started trying to take these.

 and Jason said, "Let's turn sideways and make him
take our picture like that." Miss you and your goofiness JA-Son!

I have had a ton of different visitors to the bird feeders
today.  Cardinals, a woodpecker, titmouse, and some blackish brown birds
I don't know what they are.

Why can’t we talk to each other about the things that matter?  Why do we waste our words on non-important issues?
Chuck and I watched - About Time – the other night:
It’s a really good movie.  The men in the family can go back in time and relive an experience, or moment.  By doing so they find out what is important in life.  When the Dad is dying he tells his son his secret to a happy life.  He lives a day normally - then he goes back and relives the same day enjoying every little nuance and everything beautiful about it.    Since we can’t go back - maybe we should try enjoying it as it happens!  Make each day special.  

Update on cancer;  In November I had a bone scan and a CT scan.  I didn't hear the results from my Oncologist until the first week of this month.  The disease has progressed.  I have new tumors on my low back, right ribs, sternum, shoulder and skull.  She sent me to a radiologist who has me going through radiation right now on my low back and shoulder (sometimes I can't lift my right arm).  She wanted to do radiation where the pain is the worst.  Today is my last day of radiation.  I go back to her in 2 weeks and decide if I get more radiation on any of the other "new" stuff.  I hope not.  This time is the shortest amount I've ever done - 5 days.  My Oncologist said it would be 15 but I am very happy with 5.  Last time (December 2011) it was 15 times and the time before that (July - August 2011) it was 5 - 7 weeks. I don't remember exactly.  It was very tiring and still is.  This time Chuck has been able to go with me every time and that has made it more bearable though I know it's making him tired.  I am very glad it's the last day!

I was talking to my friend Tracy the other day and told her I felt like I was supposed to Plan my life as if I have 10 years left, work like I have 5 years left, and live each day as if it's my last.  I think people would be a lot nicer if they lived each day as if it were their last.  It isn't easy to do.  I get tired and grouchy sometimes but I'm trying and praying and believing - God is in control.  Seriously, look how long I've made it.  I think the statistics say 20% make it 2 years and less than that make it 5 and my 5th year is this year in March.  I praise God for that!!

So, go live this day as if it's your last and see if it makes any difference in your attitude!  I'll be praying for you!!

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