Disney's Osbourne Lights

My brother, Stuart, told me he was going to take
me to see the Osbourne Lights at Disney this year.
He has a friend that works there and got us in free.
I did not know it is the last year for this exhibit so I'm
really glad I got to go.  My Mom and Sister have passes
so they met us out there.  It was a beautiful evening!

Cool enough to wear a light jacket which
made it seem more "Christmassy".

 Every time I go to Disney at Christmas
I want to get a gingerbread cookie.
I baked a bunch and brought them with
me because $5-$10 for a cookie is crazy.
I've never made gingerbread cookies before.
They were yummy, delicious!
 Above is the tree when you enter Hollywood Studios.
Below is the main street when you enter the park.
 One of the windows on main street.
 I've always liked the art deco buildings.
 Another window on Main Street, actually I think it's called
Hollywood blvd.

 The beginning of Osbourne Lights.

 The lights are set to different songs.
They flash off and on with the music.
So many lights!

 It was a snowstorm at 60 degrees outside

Mom taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Three cuties with Cindy Loo Who hair

Hood ornament

Leaving the park.  It was 
a fun night!

Thanks Stuart and friend 
Andy who got us into
the park.

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