catching up

 We got to visit with my nephew Brian and his beautiful 
wife Julianna.  They are so sweet and so cute!  I wish I 
could have spent more time with them!

I had my 6 month scans and
my once a year rod checkup. 
I still find it hard to believe this
thing is in my leg.  Scans
showed some new stuff on bones
but my Dr. doesn't want to 
change any treatment for right now
so must not be too bad.  I think 
all the new stuff is small.
But I agree with Dr. on no treatment changes
so I'm happy.

This guys been visiting us a lot.
 I hope he doesn't think Minion looks delicious.


at Stuart's
 We were all pretty stuffed.

 Even Minion

 We also celebrated Corey's birthday with the family. 
We always celebrate with her when it's her birthday
but usually with the rest of the family on Thanksgiving.
It is one of her favorite holidays.

 Packing up all the leftovers to take home.
So - many - leftovers!
 Me with my pretty baby!

 Mom got new floors.  They look really nice!

Now I'm sort of caught up.
Have to put the decorated house photos up next.

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