B-4 I turn 50

I just read a blog about a woman who made a list of things she wanted to do before she turned 37..woo hoo well honey 50's a heck of a lot more than that! So I thought I should make a list of things I want to do before I turn the big huge OLD xxx that out and say fabulous 50. Ok so that's 1st on the list----be fabulous.
and what else?? I think I'm going to have to think about it and get back to you.


Corey's Shower

Pictures from Corey's shower on Sunday. It was such a nice shower. Brandy, Katie and Pat thank you..thank you..thank you!!!!!!!! I know I need to label but I'm tired now, will do it later.


funny Chuck

ok..ok so I've been sick and trying to get used to work again and well the house is a wreck. Today, still getting over feeling bad, I couldn't take the unvacumned living and family room any longer. While doing this I started moving stuff around and moved a chair out of the living room, much better, more space. Anyway, so I ask Chuck how he feels about the chair not being there anymore and he says, "it totally messes up the feng shui of the room". If you know Chuck you know this is funny.