Thanksgiving Weekend...bummer

I can't believe I've been sick since Thursday night. I had so many plans for my time off from work. I am so upset...
I was supposed to have my brother and family, who's down from D.C., over for lunch today after church but I am too sick. Why did this have to happen this weekend?
We did have a nice Thanksgiving day at Mom and Dad's with all the family though. I am grateful for that.
Corey and Jesse drove up to Pensacola Friday morning to visit Corey's friend Taylor. They are on their way back today.


It's Thanksgiving Day. Clark arrived around 9:00 a.m. to start demolishing our guest bathroom. He's planning on laying the tile today. Can you believe it? We said only if he would go with us to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. Chuck's already set off the fire alarm by cutting some fiberboard that actually burned. Not the typical Thanksgiving day.


Well, my work was not accepted for the art show. I thought I would have a different reaction than I did. I was relieved. I don't feel ready for this yet....
Thanksgiving is upon us. Looking forward to seeing all the family and possibly L.C. finding a new home.


This is the other painting I've submitted for the show. Posted by Hello

This is the painting I'm trying to enter in an art show. Posted by Hello
This has been one of those weeks where I wonder what I did to deserve ---ok --- rephrase ---feeling sorry for myself......
I started a new job and every night I come home so sore I can hardly move..... on the bright side, I lost 2 lbs this week.
I know, as I, or if I continue this job I will loose weight, build muscle, it will become easier (hopefully), I'll be able to figure out a schedule to my liking, and I don't know what else. I feel very tired from it.
It's a job that needs doing. There aren't any nicer people to work for. I can take pride in a job well done, but it pays next to zippo...
However, I am making a list and checking it twice - to show this is a 2 person job, and hopefully it will be understood.
On a different note, I filled out an application for a local art show and am waiting for the results. I really don't feel my work will be accepted it is extremely religious but the theme is "what are things that represent your faith", so you never know.
Tracy and I went to a craft show to find out about exhibiting next year. We scouted out booths, covers, and sellable items. It costs a little more than I expected to rent a space but the cost is part of it. I think I'm going next weekend to research another one. We shall see......


We got L.C. back today. She is very groggy and tired. I didn't realize how large the scar would be. She seems to be happy to be home.
Today was my last garage sale. I've said that before but I'm sticking with it. The amount of time preparing and the cheapness of people...arghhhh...not worth it!!!


Tomorrow the puppy goes to get fixed. Hopefully it will calm her down some.
It's been so nice to be home after not being here for a month. Unfortunately, everything is extremely disorganized and needs a good cleaning. I've spent the last 3 days running around trying to get errands caught up. Today I'm trying to clean but it's so far behind it seems useless. And Saturday I'm having a garage sale so I've got a ton of work to do. Why am I blogging? Time to get to work......