We didn't get to see Chuck's mom on mother's day because she was out of town so we went and visited with her yesterday and took her to lunch. We went to a mexican restaurant in Leesburg, really good food and lots. Then we drove around Leesburg because we'd never really seen downtown. It reminds me of Sanford pretty, old, lots of antique shops. We drove past her church and their ministry village. That is really a great idea and so large and helps so many people. We had a really nice visit.
On the way back to her house we saw ally in the retention pond.

The Mote Morris house.

On the way to Leesburg
5 more days, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Sunday was a fun day spent with Corey. For mother's day
she wanted to take me shopping and buy me clothes and
this was our first chance to get together and go. So we planned to
meet at IKEA, have free breakfast, then go to Millenia Mall.
She called me from Ikea while I was still enroute and said,
"let's go somewhere else for breakfast because there's
a line going out the building and around the side."
I picked her up - gasp, oh my goodness are
people really that crazy to wait in a line that long to
get free breakfast? We decided to have a nice healthy
breakfast at Krispee Kreme, yummy doughnuts
haven't had any in a while. We then drove back to Ikea
which still had a nice size line so we decided to go to the mall first.
We sort of forgot it was Sunday which means
the stores in the mall weren't open yet, except for some of the big ones like Macy's. I don't usually clothes shop there too expensive but since it was
open decided what the heck. Several try ons later I found the top
I loved and Corey bought it for me, yay! It's so cute, pink and safari-ish.
We stopped in at the cheese cake factory and had an appetizer (that we split), bread and drinks. (Our waiter wasn't happy but it was yummy and we had
leftovers that we had boxed up.) Then we headed back over to Ikea. Yay, line
was gone. Ikea is so overwhelming to me because there are so many things
I want there and so many ideas to try to remember. I wish I had tons of
money and could empty my house and fill it with stuff from Ikea but have
someone else put all of it together, yes. I got a lamp for my art room, a bookshelf (normally 88$ for 49$), 2 mirrors, and spice jars. Really got
to not spend anymore since 2 and a half months without my check are coming up. After we finally got out of Ikea. We decided we needed nourishment in the
form of super sugar slurpees..just what you need to get moving again.
That was our fun day. Thanks Corey I really enjoyed it and I really like my
pretty shirt. Love you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. It's been so wet lately so I decided to take a couple
of water drop photos. I really need to learn all the specifics
about this camera that I've had since 2006. sheesh.


nine days left

...till I have 2 1/2 months off. A little scary financially but I need it.

A picture from Mother's day. Renny always wants in on the action.


Had to add

I didn't take my camera in with us so I did a quick sketch of "high tea" at the tea house. It doesn't really do it justice it was so much prettier.

Anniversary Date

Chuck wanted to do something different for our anniversary so
he researched on-line and found this tea room in Mt. Dora. He
knows I love Mt. Dora and enjoy going to tea rooms
and since we weren't able to do anything last year
(he was in the hospital recooperating from open heart surgery)
he wanted to surprise me with this trip. We splurged and had "high tea". It was very very nice. They gave us a complimentary glass of wine since we were celebrating our anniversary.
Our waitress was very british and extremely sweet and cute
and it was just a really wonderful experience.
I just really appreciated Chuck doing something that most guys would
not want to do. He was one of only 3 men in the place. It was busy and full of women.
You know how some places just seem like "chick" places, this was definately that.
So thank you Chuck for such a nice day.

This place was around the corner in the alley..don't know
that I would want to eat at a place with this name

though it was a cute place
They have some unusual names in Mt. Dora. I
thought Jesse would like this..

Pretty porch. Wouldn't you love to get up in the morning
and have coffee here.


mother's day and anniversary

These are roses Jesse gave me for mother's day
so pretty!

This is what I see in the morning leaving for work.

Yesterday was our 27th anniversary.
I made a special dinner and dessert.
I forgot to get fresh raspberries for the dessert and didn't
feel like making the chocolate sauce to drizzle over it so I
stuck dark chocolate MM's on top. Not as fancy I know but
you do what you can especially after a long day of work.

I set the table pretty.
Happy Anniversary Chuck!
I love you more now than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very busy week

That describes it in a nutshell. I've worked (the heat is zapping me already) and planned a surprise party for a friend at work that turned the big 60. Now I need to finish planning Mother's Day and what to cook and get the house cleaned and ready for visitors. But that's one of my favorite things - family get togethers - so it should be fun when the work is done.