Dad's birthday

Today is Dad's birthday.  He would have
been 83.  It seems like a long time
ago that he died and then it seems like 
yesterday.  Strange feeling.  I miss you,
Dad.  We all do.  You were a great Dad and
we love you very much!!!!  I am grateful
for the time we had with you here and look
forward to the rest of eternity with you in heaven.
You are loved and you are missed!!


4th fun

And what could be more fun than making the dogs dress
up for the 4th of July?
 I don't think she thought it was fun

Jesse made yummy cheesecake

Oliver just wanted to sleep

Getting ready for the fireworks show

Our official fireworks lighter person

Some of the neighbors went all out this year

 and I agree with some other photo takers I saw -
God's fireworks beat them all!
Hope you and your family had a happy 4th of July celebration!