I went with Jesse to the stables the other day. This is a very nice place. I guess since the horses are worth about $50,000 each they get fancier accommodations. Andalusians and Lippazans are very beautiful.

This is the baby. He's in love with Jesse.

She can fly...


I've been awake since 5:45. I guess this is sleeping in for me. Everybody's off today except Jesse. She has to go in and feed the horses at 5. I think she and Corey are planning to go to the beach today. I think the road to New Smyrna hasn't been closed to fire, need to check, I think I might like to go. Problem, have to take CDL class A permit test 8:30am tomorrow, need to study guess I can't go. Am I ready? No. Study - I am sick of. Can you tell? I'm playing taking pictures and blogging. See the red apple - that's me.


Some roses mom gave me from a bush I gave her for mother's day a couple of years ago.
Some of my middle school and elementary school kids.


Well school's out, yes!!!! I've spent today working trying to get the house back in order and then got this killer headache that stopped everything. Oh well.
Yesterday was good. Lots of work, lots of excitement, lots of unexpected gifts, and
unexpected emotions because I don't know for sure if I'm going back and I got attached to some of those little munchkins. I'll know around June 5-8 what's happening next.
The flowers were some of the gifts.
The other day Jesse took me for a walk on this trail near the house. It's really pretty and the dog loves it.


I decided to re-work Elisabeth some - just for fun. It actually made it look more
like her but it made her look older. I really disliked the original but I am out of practice and that's what I need to do - practice..practice..practice...
I received a very nice gift from one of my elementary school kids yesterday but the best part was the card, lots of nice things said and please be his bus driver again next year. Made my week. Tho it was a pretty good week. I got a hug from a high school girl and she told me she loved me. I was asked to sign a couple of year books 'cause I'm a "cool bus driver". Good week even tho everyone is going nutz. School should have ended this week the last 3 days are a waste!!


Corey and Jesse tried to talk me into getting Mom a kitten at Christmas.
I said no because she had lost her cat and I thought she wasn't ready yet.
Well, Jesse has been planning for weeks to give mom this kitten when she
was old enough. She and Corey both said they knew she would want it but I
was worried she wouldn't. Boy was I wrong. Mom loves her and Dad too (I
think). She named her Twee which means "sweet, delicate and some other cute
stuff. She's very cute, sweet and seems to be smart. Yeah Jesse!!


WOO HOO!!!!!
Four days of school left!!! I am sooooo sleeping in next Thursday and
maybe Friday too!


This is a picture I did of Elisabeth. She gave me a flower on teacher appreciation day. I really thought it matched her and her personality.

and this is a picture of Jennifer and the rose she gave me. I've been wanting to
try some watercolors of children.


Walk for Life

Saturday, May 13th at 9 a.m. the Cornerstone Pregnancy Center is having
it's 1st annual Walk for Life at Jay Blanchard Park.
The Cornerstone Pregnancy Center is a ministry of 1st Baptist Church of
Orlando. The center has been in the startup phase for a couple of years.
We do not have a building, as of yet, but in the past few months we have
already had 5 clients. Three clients have decided to keep their babies, and
two have accepted Christ. God is at the center of this ministry and it has
been astounding to watch the growth in the past few months.

At the Walk we are going to have a silent auction for a beautiful quilt that was donated by the "Sew What Quilters" from our church. We will also have t-shirts for sale, free drinks and I think muffins or something like that, free slurpee coupons and free sandwich coupons from Chik-fil-a. I hope that you will plan to come out
and show your support for this ministry!!