The past couple of weeks have not been fun with 
all of the doctor appointments and tests.  Also, I decided
not to have one of the tests, stress test, because
it's too stressful. (ha ha)I don't need to do that.
I've also been kind of down because of some of the things
the doctors have told me.  
Within the past week I've received
2 cards from friends who have given me much needed encouragement.
I know God knows when I'm struggling.  I'm very grateful
for friends who listen and can hear the whisper of
the Holy Spirit to do kind things for others.  I really really
needed the encouragement that I received from them because
sometimes I feel very much without a purpose, and 
more of a burden and no one likes to feel like that.
I know my family loves me and doesn't think that but
I can't help but think it sometimes.  Enough feeling sorry for myself.
Thank you to my friends Debbie and Sylvia for knowing 
when someone needs cheering up!!!

I haven't been seeing much of this guy lately but caught
him the other morning.  I just wish I could get a clear shot of him.

This lady has been very sick since the weekend.
I was afraid to leave the house but she seems to finally
be getting a little better.  She ate regular food for the first time
since the weekend.  It still has some medication in it but
she wouldn't have anything to do with it before.

There have been a few different visitors to the bird feeder.

Chuck thought something was wrong with these two.
I think they were either getting warm or drying out because
they flew away as soon as we got close.

I finally caught one in flight!

and another in partial flight or coming in for a landing
Tomorrow I get to go to Rollins and meet the writer
Corey is doing an internship with.  Her name is Sy Montgomery.
I've read two of her books and am starting a third.
Book one was Soul of an Octopus, the 2nd was
A Good Good Pig, and the one I'm reading now is;
Birdology.  Her website is:
I'm so excited!!!

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