saturday sitting on the porch

Chuck decided to caulk the bathtub today which means 1st cleaning the tub with bleach. I haven't felt well since Thursday so the bleach smell is really making me sick. I am now sitting on the back porch with my computer, iced coffee, watercolors, and something to read. I don't think I'll be able to go inside for awhile.
I took a picture of our latest experiment growing tomatoes with one of those upside down things. I have to say I thought it really wouldn't work that well but it is absolutely flourishing, at least for now. Since going back to work my garden doesn't grow so well. It actually doesn't exsist and anything green that comes into my house pretty much dies. But I have decided I want to do better at this. I mean I used to grow all sorts of vegetables and I had lots of pretty flowers so I know I can do it. And so far I haven't killed the two trees we planted almost a year ago. Yay!

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