surprise date I'm a little weird in I have a fascination with cemetaries, especially old ones. Chuck told me Friday he was taking me somewhere Saturday morning to get up early and be ready to go by 6a.m..and take my camera. K, so I was expecting who knows what. When he told me someone at work had found this cemetary with civil war union soldiers he had me ready to go! Unfortunately, the area is getting ready to be developed and they are moving the remains and graves to somewhere North of here and it looked like they'd already started so there were only two we could find. It was hard to find because it was off the road in the brush and trees but it was fascinating. I looked up the names online and was able to find one. He was 22 when he served with the Massachusetts Calvary and was a saddler. But the questions still remains, why union soldiers here in Florida?
Oh - and an old Apopka railway station.

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