I have a pet squirrel at work. Every morning I park and he comes and sits at the door and waits for me to open it and give him a cracker. I wonder what he does on weekends?

I have 50 minutes free time between schools and I've started walking. You can't really see him that well but I saw an otter playing in the pond where I walk.

And I saw this bird a pine warbler. It was tiny and the colors seemed so much brighter than these pictures.

I did have an accident at work that really messed me up for a few days. I became too cautious but am starting to get over it. It just made me so aware of how easily something could go wrong and I would never want any of my kids to get hurt or someone driving around me. So people remember Buses and trucks take much longer to stop. Do not pull in front of one and stop fast. It could be very bad for you.
And WooHoo only 12 days of school left!! Thank goodness cause this not getting home till 7 is wearing me out.

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