Father's Day

This is the first Father's Day since
Dad died.  It's a very different day.
I really miss you Dad.

You were a very strong man's man.
A very great Dad.
Growing up all my friends thought
I had the best looking Dad
and prettiest Mom.
You took me golfing, fishing, camping,
you taught me how to throw like a boy, 
you were a lot of fun growing up.
You were a good example for us.
You hated lying.  You believed
a person should always do what
they said they would, keep their word, it was very important.
You loved God more as you got older and that was a blessing
for us to see.

 You didn't believe in debt and handled money
very responsibly and you made sure
Mom didn't (doesn't) have to worry
about things.  You were very organized.

You were the best Dad ever and I really miss you
and Love you.

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