Let's chalk that last blog entry, deleted, up to major
PMS and feeling really tired from work. Yeah, that's it...
Anyway, today was a good day at work. I think I may start
to get used to it and actually be able to have a life outside
of work.

Did I mention that I love my husband very much and spending time
with him!!! Riding around in his car is fun too!

I got to spend Sunday with my family playing cards, going to
the BX, and catching up on stuff (Stu and Trish). I need to
spend more time with them - but back in the real world - I'm
happy when I do get time!

I have ideas for paintings starting to actually be tangible.
I have a painting;collage started. I always have difficulty
moving it from my brain to the canvas,

Gotta go fo a walk...

p.s. great walk. love walking in the rain. point the flashlight up and
it looks like its snowing.

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