Chuck and I went to Perkins for breakfast yesterday and sitting behind me was a young couple with a new baby. I couldn't see them though I turned around to see the baby, cute!! Chuck whispers to me, "they're both texting, not looking or talking to each other. The whole time they were there I heard 1 word spoken, 1, ridiculous! I have seen this with parents going for walks with their kids, at parks with their kids, even at Disney and of course restaurants, either texting or talking on the cell phones. This is not being with or spending time with your kids. Put the phones away and look them in the eye and talk and play and enjoy them while you have the opportunity. And do the same if you're on a date with your spouse!
To me it's the new form of absentee parent.

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Connie said...

I agree ~ I see this too and time fly's by so fast!!